boiga cynodon bite

I know that you're a new member on that site and that you're an anonymous person with an interest in photography who has access to the Seaway Serpentarium collection; but other then that, can you tell us something substantial about your experience, knowledge and studies of venomous snakes? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You will hardly ever meet the snake in cultivated areas or near to human settlements. Boiga cynodon, which is also known as Dog-toothed Cat Snake.

Discussion in 'Rear Fanged Snakes Forum' started by christopher_law, May 16, 2008. There is no known venom effect on humans. The snake can, however, be counted as harmless for humans as they are not very aggressive. As a technically rear fanged snake they are mildly venomous but there are no known cases of serious envenomation. Just out of curiosity, how much of the essays that you've referenced from Dr. Fry's site do you actually understand? Head is tan with faint yellow/green coloration visible up close.

This species is active at twilight and at night. Can anyone identify this dead animal? The venom can cause problems with circulation.

i have this pet snake which is the boiga cynodon.. im from the Philippines.. its from the Philippines so it might not sound familiar but.. it belongs to the family colubrids or colubridae which is mildly venomous.. and a rear fanged snake.. i wonder.. what if i get bitten? This species is nocturnal. Which animal?

The snake belongs to the rear fanged snake family. However, a few cases of intoxinating are known of.
I had an adult nigriceps chew for a few minutes and had the full swelling, sickness etc. This video is unavailable. This is going out on a limb, but perhaps the person also suffered an alergic reaction to the snake venom.

If you are bitten, you may want to see a doctor just to make sure your are not allergic to it.

Sincerely, Jon Davidson . Its prey on smaller animals such as birds and squirrels, and are found in tropical rainforest. Boiga D.Dendrophilia/ Boiga Cyanea WANTED, 0.1 boiga nigraceps, 1.0 boiga cynodon (London).

These snakes are nocturnal.

Boiga siamensis inhabits the forests up to 1780 m. This snake is activ during the night. I hate to post from another site, but I think this information is very benificial to what many consider to be a "not so dangerous" hot. 3:20. However, some people have gotten life threatening allergies from some colubrid snakes of a different species that are not considered dangerously venomous, misleading some into believing that colubrid snakes are more venomous than they actually are. For this reason, you should not over estimate the toxic effect of a Boiga bite. The danger of poisoning is almost non-existent.

Boiga, or cat-eyed snakes, is a genus of the family Colubridae and is comprised of more than 30 species. I have taken bites from adult dendrophila and cyanea with little or no effects in the past.

It didn't chew and I felt nothing. A bite is only dangerous if the snake bites and hangs onto the skin and is allowed to chew the venom into the wound for several minutes.

I'd love to hear anyone elses experiences if they'd like to share. Dendrophila man 3,357 views. Only due to size and the aggression of the animals, can it lead to strong bleeding and painful wounds if bitten. Awesome Mangrove Snakes for sale at the lowest prices only at Underground Reptiles.

The Boiga nigriceps is only to be found in the extreme south of Thailand. I too believe that Boiga should be handled with care, its is known that children and elderly have died as a result of a bite from a Boiga ( irregularis I believe). i have this pet snake which is the boiga cynodon.. im from the Philippines.. its from the Philippines so it might not sound familiar but.. it belongs to the family colubrids or colubridae which is mildly venomous.. and a rear fanged snake.. i wonder.. what if i get bitten? Boiga bite (ular cincin emas),,,olahraga Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands - Duration: 34:07. ). So, your only concern is that you may be allergic to the snake. Head can flatten slightly when defensive appearing similar to vipers.

Thin keeled body shape. No effects at all. Binomial name: Boiga dendrophila, Heinrich Boie, 1827 Boiga dendrophila, commonly called the mangrove snake or gold-ringed cat snake, is a species of rear-fanged colubrid. If it does come to a poisoning bite, swelling and pain will be felt in the wound area. Boiga cynodon inhabits lowland forests of the southern region of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia east to Flores and the Philippines (Lim & Lim, 1992; Cox et al., 1998). Do squirrels have nests and do they raid the nests of other squirrels? Dog Toothed Cat Snakes are largely arboreal and have long thin necks with exceptionally long thin tails. Other snakes are also eaten on occasion. That is the worst effects of a boiga bite I have seen, although I have seen a couple of others that had pretty nasty effects including this photo from Paul Hartman of the World Snake Studycenter ( in Switzerand, showing some pretty serious bruising and swelling from a dendrophila bite: There can also be extreme differences in appearance from juveniles to adults so it is important to never assume you have properly identified a snake. They are rear-fanged colubrids and a prolonged bite could cause swelling and pain at the bite site. Which classification of bone has an unusual appearance and can be varied in shape. However, there are some that are quite dangerously venomous, so I dunno. ;D. I've only been bitten once by a young B.cyanea. Boiga cynodon, commonly known as the dog-toothed cat snake, is a nocturnal. i have this pet snake which is the boiga cynodon.. im from the Philippines.. its from the Philippines so it might not sound familiar but.. it belongs to the family colubrids or colubridae which is mildly venomous.. and a rear fanged snake.. i wonder.. what if i get bitten? In the wild the sanke probabely feeds mainly on birds and their eggs. If you should have seen this snake or if you have any proof of its occurrence, then send please an e-mail to Joachim Bulian in Suratthani, Thailand or give him a quick call on 0862816661 (Thailand mobile phone).
The species is endemic to southeast Asia.

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Boiga cynodon is not considered dangerously venomous. lol at planned event...after research i have decided to let certain species bite me to see how i react, and in more potant species (IE crotalidae) i have done tests to see if i am allergic. In southern Thailand from Pratchuap Khiri Kahn. If it does come to a poisoning bite, … Not that dangerous, then, but could cause some unforeseeable consequences, like allergic reactions, infections, etc. The snakes are easily provoked and bite very quickly. Rat gives sausage to cat snake 2.

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