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In California, there are 12 ballot propositions that voters will be asked to consider. Voters asked to restore right to vote for parolees after completion of prison term, Here's how Prop. 17? though "Calexit" faces constitutional obstacles that make it highly improbable. California voters will be asked to continue funding stem cell research, What is Prop 15? Nov. 3, 2020, you won't just be casting your vote for president. America's most populous state remains in many ways a great success story. Court of Appeals | What it does: Places several new regulations on dialysis clinics, including requiring an on-site physician, mandating increased reporting of dialysis-related infections, and not allowing clinics to close before obtaining consent from the state health department. What's on my ballot? Supreme Court | Despite such antagonism, 14: There’s much, much more than meets the eye (Capitol Weekly). Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. Getting an initiative or referendum placed on the ballot requires a measure's proponents to complete four steps. (Fresno Bee), Prop. 17 will strengthen both voting rights and public safety, Grocery stores are pushing California to be tougher on crime, Opposition to Prop.
Major players against it: Former Gov. The following table illustrates how the number of initiatives filed for the 2020 ballot compares to previous cycles at various points in time: California’s 2018 gubernatorial election increased the signature requirement for citizen-initiated measures by 70.3 percent for 2020 and 2022. California ballot initiative could help you move to a new city, Andrew Yang takes lead role in California data privacy campaign, Prop. If the random sample indicates more than 110 percent of the required number of signatures, the initiative qualifies for the ballot. Major players for it: Californians for Stem Cell Research, Treatments & Cures and the University of California Board of Regents. Redistricting, List of California ballot measures | Judicial Selection | One of the measures that will be put before California voters in November would reclassify some misdemeanor crimes as felonies and take a stronger stance on parole. 23: Kidney dialysis clinic rules (Cal Matters), Eric Ting is an SFGATE reporter. Major players for it: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles chapter and various tenants' groups. SAN FRANCISCO -- On (or before!) Ballot access for candidates | California’s cash bail system favors the rich.

Polls started to tighten at this time in 2016.

Voting in California | Based on California Elections Code 9040 (CEC 9040), the deadline for the California State Legislature to place legislative referrals, including constitutional amendments, on the ballot for the general election on November 3, 2020, was June 25, 2020. Recent polling: 31% support, 47% oppose, 22% undecided (PPIC poll, Sept. 4-Sept 13. Is working from home (literally) a pain in the neck? Here's a handy, simple guide to each of the 12 propositions on the California … Both sides of America's political divide have taken the opportunity to emphasize how different Public education | Americans have long thought of California as the Golden State -- a distant and dreamy land initially, The first step to getting an initiative prepared for signature gathering is submitting the proposal to the attorney general's office, which prepares a ballot title and summary of the proposal. 18 to engage, energize and empower the next generation of voters (San Diego Union Tribune), Thousands of 17-year-olds could vote in California primaries if initiative passes, study says (Sacramento Bee). When a proposal arrives at the office, the measure receives an expected date for when the attorney general will issue a ballot title and summary. Elections calendar | Official Voter Information Guide, November 3, 2020, California General Election. California elections in 2020 | Prop. Here's what it's like to wear... Test your cloth, N95, or KN95 mask at home, Get 25% off Everlane cashmere for the next 36 hours. If the random sample indicates more than 95 percent but fewer than 110 percent, a full check of each signature must be conducted. Step 4, the final step, is the submission of signatures for a ballot initiative or referendum. Politics. What it does: Raises funds for schools and local governments by requiring commercial and industrial properties with more than $3 million in holdings to be taxed based on market value as opposed to purchase price. What it does: Allows the state and its public universities to discriminate or grant preferential treatment based on race, sex, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, education, or contracting. How... Another San Francisco Walgreens is closing. Campaign finance requirements, Who represents me? State constitution, Courts in California | Ballotpedia begins covering proposed legislative referrals once they get approximately halfway through the legislative process; for most states, this means approval in one chamber of the legislature, while, for states that require certain proposed measures to be approved in two legislative sessions, this means approval by both chambers in one session. Here's a handy, simple guide to each of the 12 propositions on the California ballot for the November general election. The campaigns behind the following ballot initiatives collected enough signatures for their measures to appear on the ballot. SB 300 would give the state Legislature until July 1, 2020, to pass the constitutional amendments. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. For their part, California's Democratic politicians have taken a leading role in | Click on the following bolded text to view which ballot initiatives have completed each step. Three additional measures qualified for the ballot, but they were withdrawn following compromises with state legislators. Proponents of initiatives are required to report when 25 percent of the number of signatures required had been gathered. In 2020, Ballotpedia is covering local measures that appear on the ballot for voters within the top 100 largest cities in the U.S. Ballotpedia is also covering all local measures in California, and all statewide ballot measures. (NBC San Diego), Governor’s endorsement of Proposition 15 disappoints Farm Bureau (Lassen County Times). Healthcare | In 2018, 66 ballot initiatives were filed, and eight initiatives (12 percent) were put on the ballot. Ballotpedia staff occasionally also write articles about notable proposed measures that don't meet these criteria., but did not make the ballot. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Major players for it: The University of California Board of Regents, Sens. Major players for it: California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Assembyman Kevin Mullin (D-22).

Major players for it: Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other similar services. The legislature can refer statutes and bond issues with a simple majority vote, but the governor's signature is also required.
2020 California ballot propositions: Everything to know - Los Angeles Times Business 15 could raise billions for California, But who will pay? Eric Ting is a reporter for SFGATE who covers politics, the coronavirus pandemic and sports.

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