chord in a sentence

There are two naturals in this chord.

2. , The most common musical chords are triads and involve three notes being played simultaneously. Examples of Chord in a sentence. three or more musical tones sounded at the same time.

The music was built around incremental chord changes that recalled a quartertone maqam melody.

chords example sentences. He must have struck a bad chord with her. How to use chords in a sentence. Many of the things she says will strike a, 22.

Similar words: horde , anchor , chorus , lie at anchor , choreography , chop , echo , cord . 5. Klegnif began a chord, starting as a drone. Many of the things she says will strike a, 3. Her language may be a bit highbrow, but it strikes a, 29. This is a chord of a circle. up ( 0) down ( 2) Sentence count:163+4 Posted: 2017-02-28 Updated: 2017-02-28. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. A specific element which has struck a, 21. : Sir, How FC Chapman's letter on 'neighbourhoods wimping out' struck a chord.

: The first line striking an emotional chord is reciprocated with cheers, claps and zindabad chants only getting louder. A chord, longdrawn, expectant, drew a. , Playing a major chord of C, E, and G, the pianist quickly began to play his tune. Despite her misgivings, the passionate sincerity in the girl's declaration of faith struck a, 26.

The quaver would be far too quick for the pizzicato, especially in, 30. Irish musicians are hoping their plea to stop US military aircraft refuelling at Shannon will strike the right, I realised that despite my best moral efforts I had not been able to sound the right, Kathy smiled and left Leah alone because she saw she had touched a, And indeed, just before the end, there is a strategic, if quiet, B minor, In example 50 the numerals representing the scale-degrees are misplaced, and example 20 ends just before the crucial, For all their weakness, cowardice, and self-delusion, these men strike an unexpected, sympathetic, My lengthy epistle on Sunday seems to have touched a, Dissonant notes resolve in a conventional way, only to become part of an unexpected, You'll have to untangle a lot of overly complicated, Play it forte and legato while playing the rest of the, Their music uses splashes of standard rock, On a more domestic note, the old refrain, marry in haste, repent at leisure strikes a, A scattering of greying heads among the youngsters in the crowd show it's striking a, Now, however, the vast lobby is eerily silent save a single discordant, He was found to have severe mitral regurgitation associated with a ruptured mitral, Their only curveballs thrown here are Beach Boys harmonies and the same augmented, Renault's own bold designs and investment in safety technology have clearly struck a, The pianist augments many of these mid tempo pieces with lilting harmonics, a deft right hand, and well-placed, That's why they tried to shut down several other sites providing lyrics, tablature and, The title track is a vastly underrated song with some catchy, Scott and Dankworth were blown away by the melodic lines of modern jazz and its soulful use of, Given a circle, the apothem is the perpendicular distance from the midpoint of a, Syncopated staccato accents gradually drop into place on top of an extended droning, But there has to be something about the character that strikes a, Spear claims he is only making music about what he knows and if that touches a, I feel women directors bring a refreshingly emotional approach to films, which strikes a, Dissonance emerges through highly structured, In the opera's famous opening scene, deep in the waters of the Rhine river, Wagner unfolds an immense, rolling E-flat major, The fact that well over a thousand people signed your petition shows it struck a, For kids who grew up in the '90s, metal music means whiny frat boys half-rapping over oafish power, If Glasgow's research shows that a right-on, edgy image strikes a, They ended their set by standing on their amps and jumped off them while playing one loud raucous power, By remembering a simple pattern one can determine the amount of sharps and flats in a major, A ray of hope appears in the form of Mary Burke, the daughter of a heart attack victim who strikes a, It reminded me of what a ray gun would look like except this had a, Again, his was an incomplete realisation, using just one pair of symbol and, The DA20's waspish empennage and T-tail were still there, as was the short, The band will probably branch out into new musical areas, like melody and proper, The award-winning film composer has struck a, He settled his shaky fingers on the guitar strings, strummed a, George took his acoustic guitar and began showing me the, The picture you took of the boy lying in the alley also seemed to strike a, The reason animators use familiar voices is that immediate connection the audience makes with a character whose speech strikes a recollective, The wildly anarchic chaos created by the Marx Brothers at their best was a breath of fresh air, and their contempt for authority figures struck a, Finger positions can be marked for the suggested fingering of the, He's just about incompetent whenever he tries anything but the root of the, He deletes that infamous unresolved opening, His films, sprightly action flicks with clear lines between good and evil and a noble hero, touched a, Marr offers nothing in the way of inventive guitar on Boomslang, a disc of barre, So the music that accompanies Isolde's death is her transfiguration, and the repetition of the Tristan, He jumped on the energy drinks bandwagon three years ago with Go-Go, using a miniskirted, Japanime-inspired icon intended to strike a, It's not been to everyone's taste, and Anthony Beyga's portrait of a pumpkin with tummyache will strike a, Nestled into the side of a hill, the berm house, as it's known, struck a, As he strides closer and closer, each footfall is reinforced by a background, Her giggly, schoolgirlish prattle and singing of the famous Byker Grove theme tune struck the right, If possible, having the student gently roll or arpeggiate the large, Sir, How FC Chapman's letter on 'neighbourhoods wimping out' struck a, The Greek's basic trigonometric function was the ratio of a circle's, Replete with varied repetitions of broken, There was a slight tremor in his voice, that thrilled, answeringly, a, In August 2006 she began to regain use of her legs as the scar tissue around her spinal, The chords and scales can also be presented in musical notation as well as, Many of his lyrics are heartsongs that will, It's easy to play, and with its toylike appearance, there's an element of irony before you even strum your first, One key feature for which Demian sought the patent was the sounding of an entire, The graph G is triangulated if every cycle of length at least 4 has a, Another Sullivan trademark criticised by Hughes is the repeated use of the, The Edge's distinctive mandolinlike upper-position, One of the signatures of the genre is the guitar power, Protests began May 15 and spread to cities across the country, striking a, Although there may be some flexion at the tarsometatarsal joint, this, The Canterbury scene, originating in the late 1960s, denoted a subset of prog bands who emphasised the use of wind instruments, complex, For example, a music scenario could consist of a note not belonging to a, The benefits of this breakthrough research are profoundly important to those who suffer spinal, The need to resist compression of the lower, Big-city symphony orchestras are striking a fresh, The distinctive feature of these tunings is that one or more open strings played along with fingered chord shapings provide a drone note part of the, However, they lost out to The Ramones, who were on the rise in New York in the same mid-70s period with their three, When Longridge Towers School, near Berwick, found out that Baobab College in Zambia could hardly afford to pay for sheet music, it struck a, Except in the case of new songs, do let us off with the, And again, it has a coda pausing on the dominant, This noise was not repeated, and by a treble rap I mean the sound was like an arpeggio, The segmental area bounded by the bent yard of a lug or other sail, and its, It was to Anacreon that Erato offered that, Any diameter is a mean proportional between the transverse axis and the focal, It is only that in every human heart there is a, The six-four chord may be used at the close as the cadencing tonic six-four, These slid into chromatics, rising, beating up to lose themselves in one vast, The sledge, shortening this route, took a, And Gervasio's words touched in my mind some, I think that, henceforth, nothing but some extraordinary jarring of that, When I hear a note of music, can I not at once strike its, The swing of the dance music struck no answering, But in spite of their efforts to be as cheery as larks, the flutelike voices did not seem to, The use of multiple dominant seventh chords and alternating major and minor tonalities are ultimately resolved with a lovely C major, Even had I been able to wrench away the bars, it would have availed me nothing, since the aperture formed the segment of a circle whose. Such is the skill of the rhythmic pacing however, that the final, 27.

Note that the last note in this bar is a non-diatonic note over the B maj9, 25. 4. Here was the central event of the play, the mystical, 28.

Pressing the three keys simultaneously, the piano player struck a chord and let out a melodious sound. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.

He knew that what he was saying had touched a, 24. , The chord change sounded off to the musician’s ears, so she reduced the root to a different note. 10. Her speech struck a sympathetic chord among business leaders.

Mr Jenkins' arguments for stability struck a, 11. 5.

Chord in a sentence. three or more musical tones sounded at the same time, Pressing the three keys simultaneously, the piano player struck a chord and let out a melodious sound.

Obviously Nunn had struck a responsive, 16. Synonym: harmonise , harmonize .

The party's policy on childcare facilities has struck a responsive. Chord in a sentence 1.

The first of these is Huygens's rule.

Love is a chord in life, not a solo.

Definition of Chord.

He felt the plucking at the strange chord. The party's policy on childcare facilities has struck a responsive, 23. , Playing his last chord, the audience clapped at the final musical tones produced by the maestro. The film was immensely popular and had so clearly struck a, 2. 3. Meaning: [kɔːd] n. Playing his last chord, the audience clapped … Her speech struck a deep chord in my heart.

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If we use c 1 to represent the chord of the whole arc, c 2 the chord of half the arc, and c 4 the chord of one quarter of the arc, then corresponding to (i) and (iii) of § 70 or § 79 we have a (8c 2 - c i) and4 5 (256c 4 - 40c2+ci) as approximations to the length of the arc. Example sentences with the word chords.

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