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Not only was it the location for the first Republican National Convention in 1856, but it was also home to John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in American History. The National Archives is the UK government's official archive. Begin your Cleveland, Ohio search today to uncover untold stories and events in your family heritage. Search our Cleveland Gazette newspaper archive to learn more about the daily lives of your ancestors. (Cleveland, Ohio) 1883-1892 US Newspaper Directory Cleveland Gazette. All services. Genealogy and family history records include: obituaries, births, & marriages. [2], Known as "The Forgotten Warrior," Harry Clay Smith (1863-1941) [4] received an education from the Cleveland Public School System, which was integrated at the time. The dates you need to know, Most will have a week off at the end of October, here are a few dates for your diary including the delay to 2021 GCSE and A Level exams, Covid-19 cases had been 'out and about' in pubs and restaurants, says health chief, Previously, it was said 80% of transmission happened in homes but Middlesbrough's Director for Public Health has revealed new details from a targeted study, 'Local people have enough to deal with': Warning issued as fireworks thrown at emergency services, The incident took place in the Micklow Close area of Redcar on Tuesday night. The Cleveland Gazette was a weekly newspaper published in Cleveland, Ohio from August 25, 1883, to May 20, 1945. [2] Because Cleveland had been primarily populated by New Englanders who opposed the institution of slavery, the addition of African Americans allowed the city's public areas to become more integrated with minimal racial conflicts. "[6] Cleveland's "old elites" represented merely a fraction of the 96,901 Ohio African Americans being targeted for subscription in the mid-1880s. Tracking the infection rates in every borough. Although a difficult time, newspapers captured the daily struggles of Cleveland residents. Pictures and video from Eston, Redcar, Marske, Saltburn, Guisborough, Skelton, Brotton and Loftus. Members of this population often intermingled with whites in public spaces and were known for being "well-educated and articulate. Today, historical newspaper articles are an invaluable resource for uncovering unknown facts about your heritage. It was an African-American newspaper owned and edited by Harry Clay Smith, initially with a group of partners. It was an African-American newspaper owned and edited by Harry Clay Smith, initially with a group of partners.Circulation was estimated between 5,000 and 18,000. [1], Many African Americans moved from the South to northern cities, such as Cleveland, after the end of Reconstruction. However, once the Great Depression hit in 1929, local Cleveland citizens were quickly devastated, leaving a third of their residents unemployed. As another one washes up, why do sharks keep appearing on Redcar beach? Free digital downloads While there is limited access to our Kew site, signed-in users can download digital records for free. 20 Mafia Arrests in Palermo Extortion Case, Alleged Mexican Mafia Members Arrested in Texas, Did LeBron Drop Gang Signs at NBA Championships? Browse 1905 Cleveland Gazette at the world's leading resource of historical newspaper archives in 1905! (Cleveland, Ohio) 1883-1892 US Newspaper Directory Cleveland Germania. After this incident, Smith's chances of getting "a job in the McKinley administration" were ruined by Columbus leader Ralph Tyler, who responded to Smith's criticism of Myers in the Colored American. Find out more about your family history in Cleveland Gazette now. Our unique Cleveland Newspaper archives capture not only local events in Cleveland, but also national news across the United States as well. Copyright © 2020 NewsBank, Inc. 5801 Pelican Bay Blvd. The covid-19 Teesside hotspots as local areas with highest rates finally revealed. Smith was a writer for "the weekly Cleveland Sun, a white paper" and was a "leader" as an athlete and musician during his high school years. Our expansive online newspaper archive is packed with local historic newspapers from all over America for you to research your genealogy. And Popular Sovereignty Advocate, Cleveland Commercial Gazette and Marine Record of the Lakes, Western Intelligencer, Religious, Literary, Political. At GenealogyBank, our goal is to make it easier for you to discover your genealogy. Cleveland Gazette [Microform]. [3] During this time, the demand and support of African American newspapers in the North grew. As Cleveland's African American population continued to grow, The Gazette and other African American newspapers began focusing on "shaping and especially reflecting the values of black communities." Coronavirus. By 1896, the newspaper's name had been shortened to The Gazette. With these archives, you can gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your ancestors. In response, The Gazette published more material about discriminatory acts in the early 1900s than it had in previous years. At the time, social news, such as articles about "dinner parties" and "fashion tips," were reserved for later pages of the newspaper. Copyright © 2020 NewsBank, Inc. 5801 Pelican Bay Blvd. Searching their archives has never been easier. [2] Smith died in 1941, and publication of The Gazette ended in 1945. The Gazette became the longest-publishing African-American weekly in the U.S., earning its nickname "The Old Reliable" by never missing a Saturday publication date in 58 years. Did LeBron Drop Gang Signs at NBA Championships? In 1920, Smith was a candidate for the Republican nomination for Ohio Secretary of State, in 1926 as well as 1928 he sought the GOP gubernatiorial nomination. - Gangland Gazette, Video Shows Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Being Processed at Mexican Prison. Also news of Redcar and Cleveland jobs. Some of the newspaper's first articles "chastised the Republican-controlled legislature for failing to abolish the remaining Black Laws," such as the law prohibiting interracial marriage. [6], When The Cleveland Gazette first started being published in the early 1880s, it "presented itself as a partisan Republican organ" since the Republican Party was believed to be a supporter of African Americans' campaign for civil rights at the time. [3] By 1886, issues often featured front pages that contained "editorials" that criticized the Democratic Party, "trivia and facts" about remarkable African Americans, and articles about local and national news updates. The Gazette was a "one-man paper" in that it was a … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Our main duties are to preserve Government records and to set standards in information management and re-use. [3], Smith's Republican support started to decline after the election of 1896; during the election, Smith, an advocate for Republican William McKinley, criticized "George A. Myers, another black ally of McKinley." Smith purchased his partner's interest in the Gazette in 1886, then served as its editor and owner for 58 years until his death in 1941. For some handy hints for searching the Gazette, please watch our video ‘searching the Gazette’. About Teesside Archives. Also news of Redcar and Cleveland jobs. The Cleveland Gazette was a weekly newspaper published in Cleveland, Ohio from August 25, 1883, to May 20, 1945. Our Cleveland Ohio Newspaper archives contain newspaper publications to help you uncover your family heritage. Also news of Redcar and Cleveland jobs. Coronavirus. Smith was elected to represent Cuyahoga County three times, serving 1893-1899 in the Ohio Legislature. The Cleveland Gazette was a weekly newspaper published in Cleveland, Ohio from August 25, 1883, to May 20, 1945. [4] Smith became the "sole owner" in 1888, and he financed the paper through "Republican party contributions" and earnings from rental property ownership and "job printing." Harry C. Smith founded The Cleveland Gazette with three associates in 1883. Throughout the years, Cleveland, Ohio has always had a rich history that has been documented in many of their local publications. (Cleveland, Ohio) 1846-1872 US Newspaper Directory

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