driving schofield pass

This is the roughest part of the trail. We drove over to the quaint picturesque main street in Crested Butte, made a couple of sandwiches and started discussing where we'd go next. The road descends the whole way with some exposure and cliffs. The sweetest deals, event ticket giveaways, news and more!

Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. I saw a post by a person who drove a minivan in and was complaining about how treacherous it was.

This frigid hidden gem is deep in the Elk Mountains and a popular spot for cliff diving while they’re here (it’s dangerous, and not recommended). In the summer of 1964, my wife and I (just 2 years married) were camped at the Gothic Picnic Ground USFS campground north of Crested Butte. The rest of the pass is pretty relaxing. Driven by an inexperienced driver, a five passenger GMC Jimmy went off the Punchbowl Cut, plunged 300 feet, and sunk in 20 feet of water. We arrived in town around lunch time and went to the local grocery to replenish our food and water. Thought we might be too late for the wildflower display, but we were pleasantly surprised. This is going to be a major tourist trap in a year or two. The Bridge was covered in loose rocks also. Since we were coming over as the sun was going down I was completely blinded a couple of times. I was playing it safe and staying close to the wall when I ran the truck solidly into a rock on the right side. Schofield Pass is an iconic 4WD road featuring rock, water crossings, and the infamous shelf road segment through Crystal Canyon known as the Devil's Punchbowl. Map. The actual pass is on an easy car passable road. Devils punch bowl is pretty tough. After a good nights sleep and a leisurely breakfast we took a hike on the Twin Lakes trail. After talking with Lou Dawson a veteran of Schofield Pass I realized that we had an easy time for the following reasons. A little way further we come to the town site of Schofield. The Blue Mesa 4 - Wheelers have improved the road. The Hummer just walks down this kind of stuff. When you own a Hummer you have to tread even more lightly because you become a target to some off roaders that think the large Hummer vehicle will lay waste to a trail.

You’ll pass the ski resort and drive over into the Gothic valley, past the old mining town of Gothic. In retrospect I seriously doubt this person went past the yellow signs outlining the need for high clearance after emerald lake. The wildflowers were still amazing against the colorful backdrop of the mountains. Doug Grosjean's Ride to Schofield Pass (August 1980) "After the river crossing, Schofield Pass is a shelf road hacked out of the side of the mountain. An alternate driving route to Schofield Pass takes either Slate River Road (734) or Washington Gulch Road (811) up and over Paradise Divide and down into Paradise Basin. Luckily I have this custom hunk of steel bumper. As we were driving along we were flagged down by a women going the other direction in a Suburban full of people. When you drive the Hummer you crawl over the terrain and walk down rock piles. The road is too narrow and twisty, with too few turnouts, for anything but nimble Jeeps, quads and the like.". Id have to see that for myself. Keep driving past the West Maroon Trailhead through an open meadow until you get to a parking area near the South Fork Crystal River. We recommend checking it out during 'off-hours'. Ted continued to hike down the trail and I hiked back to bring the Hummer up to our present location. I would have felt very unsafe in a vehicle had we continued. We didn't even take pictures! In 1873, the first road was built over Schofield Pass to what is now known as the Crystal River. We drove in and parked on a shoulder just past the second major creek so we didn’t have to get our feet wet on the hike to crystal mill. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. It was August 14, 2006. For those who need a little adrenaline rush, they can jump the 20ft+ drop into the Devil’s Punchbowl at their own risk. Water remained in the ruts from the previous day's rain.

(As I mentioned previously, we chose not to attempt that adventure on this trip, maybe someday, though!) "Schofield pass is known as the most deadly pass in Colorado and for good reason."

The show started at the far end of Mount Crested Butte where the dirt road to Gothic and Schofield Pass begins. This was the section where passing was pretty much out of the question. An alternate driving route to Schofield Pass takes either Slate River Road (734) or Washington Gulch Road (811) up and over Paradise Divide and down into Paradise Basin. The road to the summit switches from paved to gravel several times but the road is overall in great condition.

We forded the river in back of the falls. Another thing to think about is in some areas you cannot see around bends and there are no areas to turn around for good stretches. I think the truck visually looks much wider then it really is because it's not that tall. We decided not to chance it. In my mind I was home free with a nice wide road! You need to bear left to stay on the Lead King Basin loop. Luckily there was plenty of room for me to easily drive around it and avoid the loose rock on the outside of the road. That's why an 8000 pound truck can float on sand. The drive is simply amazing we loved every bit of it, a few tips • You need a high clearance vehicle due to uneven roads as the tolerance between the ground and the vehicle’s belly will be tested • It is mostly a one-way road which means – be safe feel free to drive in the middle or keep distance from the edge – navigate when a vehicle comes in front• If you have anything but a 4 x 4, my suggestion is avoid, it could lead to car damage especially the undercarriage of your vehicle• If you feel uncomfortable at any point, do not be tempted to follow, turn around and go back, personally I did not find it dangerous as the reviews previously have advised but safety is an individual perception and no criticism of what anyone has written before• Give yourself at least 2-3 hrs for a round trip allowing for treks once you get up there, even if you venture up a mountain for 10-15mins - wear sports shoes. However, the pass had been used by the native Ute tribe prior to Schofield’s arrival which led to tension and violence. We both have over 25 years of experience driving off road. They stopped and I hopped on for a free ride back to the truck. We traded in the Bug the next year for a 21 window van. He'd done it himself. I basically just drove down the road with a few tight spots. There wasn't anything left to see.

Wow!, In light of the above we decided to drive up to the road, explore and hike up to the choke point and take some pictures. Frankly, neither of us could see what all the fuss was about. WARNING:  We do not recommend driving on the road further than the parking area (many have actually died doing so). Drove down the 1st weekend of August 2019.

The town of Crystal is pretty cool.

I thought wow if someone in a minivan did it then how bad could it be?!

SUV recommended: From the Town of Crested Butte, take Gothic Road (Route 135) north a total of 15.6 miles. This is the second shelf road.

Would advise 4x4 with high clearance. When driving up Arkansas, don’t be fooled by the jeep road that goes up Sheep Mountain to the right. There the road became more rutted and very narrow. Take the dirt road up in elevation as it turns a bit rough closer to Emerald lake and over Schofield Pass. We were very close to the start point of Schofield pass but the writeups were so intimidating we never expected to actually do it. There were a couple of narrow spots where Ted got out and spotted me through. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.

read more. There were lots of sightseers in cars and SUV's on this road.

I'll have to return next year and be more observant. Schofield Pass Road (FSR #317), also called the Upper South Fork Crystal River Road, is an extremely difficult road you can hike, run and mountain bike that is dog friendly.

For more hiking continue down the road to the Historic Crystal Mill. The Hummer really is an exceptional off road vehicle especially with a rear Detroit locker. These routes are a bit rougher and require an SUV for more exposed roads. There was this big boulder in the middle of the road. Fishermen, off-road vehicles, hikers and bikers also share this road. The day before, we wheeled out of Leadville, went over Hagerman pass to Aspen via Basalt. The accident that's become legend happened in July of 1970. If you look down below there is supposed to be the remains of a vehicle. Jay said that driving over Black Bear Pass is more difficult than Schofield. We caught Castle Creek Road out of Aspen, drove to the end and worked our way over Pearl Pass. We did discover that there definitly were places on this road where you could not pass. Evidently one of the multiple deaths was caused by hidden ice in one of the stream crossings during hunting season. By this point you have seen most of the wildflower display anyway. Enjoy comfortable accommodations including breakfast, outdoor hot tub, and friendly staff. If we were going to hike the road we had to get the the other side of the river. Marble is an old town made famous because the marble used for the Lincoln Memorial and the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery was quarried there. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Near the junction with the Crystal River Canyon, we encountered someone driving a big GM sedan. These routes are a bit rougher and require an SUV for more exposed roads.

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