features of patriotism

Defenders of moderate patriotism, he writes, see it as a “perfectly proper devotion to one’s own nation which must never be allowed to violate the constraints set by the impersonal moral standpoint” (MacIntyre 1984). The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. One question that has been raised about moderate patriotism is whether this type of patriotism is morally obligatory. The conflict between moderate patriotism and extreme patriotism is an instance of the moral clash between impartiality and partiality.

How You Can Show Patriotism Some displays of patriotism can be obvious, like flying the American flag.

In making these points, she echoes ideas from moderate patriotism. One objection to MacIntyre’s communitarian view is that it requires him to embrace extreme patriotism for people whose community morality accepts the unconstrained pursuit of the community’s interests.

The Monist 86:3, p 450n3, Buchanan A (2005) In the National Interest. The Temple of British Worthies at Stowe Landscape Gardens, Buckinghamshire. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Kymlicka W (2001) Territorial boundaries: a liberal egalitarian perspective. The opposite is true for moderate patriotism. The term “moderate patriotism” was introduced to show that patriotism can be embraced by thoughtful people who reject the extreme nationalist and xenophobic attitudes that many people associate with patriotism.

Ethics 115:562–593, Keller S (2007) The limits of loyalty.

While many people seem to assume that patriotism is obviously good and others think it is obviously bad, these crude views fail to understand many important things about patriotism. There is nothing odd or contradictory about having multiple concerns. Many people donate money to aid distant strangers who are harmed by earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other disasters.

When this is recognized, more examination is necessary. Moderate patriotism is also intended as a response to extreme global universalism, which rejects patriotic partiality and replaces it with impartiality and equal treatment for all.

At Stowe, for example, Lord Cobham, a member of this Patriot group, created the Temple of British Worthies, including famous historical figures from Queen Elizabeth I to King Alfred the Great.

Understood in this way, it suggests that people who are moderate patriots are only a little bit patriotic.

Since MacIntyre believes that morality is determined by a person’s community, he is committed to approving acts of genocide and enslavement if they are allowed by the community morality of the people who carry out these acts.

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