gorgo and theron

In order to prevent the message from being intercepted by the Persians or their vassal states, the message was written on a wooden tablet and then covered with wax. According to one version (Herodotus's Histories, 5.4), Gorgo's grandfather Anaxandridas II was long married without children and was advised to remarry (i.e.

Queen Gorgo only appears in the sequel 300 Rise of an Empire with Pleistarchus. She is also noted as one of the few female historical figures actually named by Herodotus, and was known for her political judgment and wisdom.

Theron will stop at nothing to get what he wants. This was the family to which Gorgo belonged. Gill is a Latinist, writer, and teacher of ancient history and Latin. Theron pins Queen Gorgo who his secretly lusts for against a wall.

The price however, is steep... The other two half-brothers were Leonidas I and Cleombrotus. When the ambitious King Xerxes of Persia invades Greece with his huge army to extend his vast slave empire, the brave King Leonidas brings his personal body guard army composed of three hundred warriors to defend the passage of Thermopylae, the only way by land to reach Greece. Her father, Cleomenes, was the eldest-born son of the previous Agiad king, Anaxandridas II. However, Ephialtes, a reject of the Spartan Army gets his revenge by showing Xerxes a secret goat passage up the flanks of the passage. Marking his treachery, the Council unites against Persia. [1] He succeeded his father at his death; however, he had three paternal half-brothers, of whom the eldest, Dorieus, would cause him some trouble. Theron is a corrupt Spartan politician, who wants all that Queen Gorgo controls. [5], According to Plutarch, before the Battle of Thermopylae, knowing that her husband's death in battle was inevitable, she asked him what to do.
Choosing the former, Leonidas forms an army of 300 Spartan warriors to block the narrow passage of Thermopylae where Xerxes intends to reach Hellas. "When asked by a woman from Attica, 'Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men? 300 tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The first book, Leonidas of Sparta: A Boy of the Agoge, focuses on Leonidas's boyhood in the notorious Spartan agoge, but books two and three will give prominence to Gorgo too. To which Herodotus says Gorgo was the only person to uncover the hidden message and instructed the Spartans to “scrape the wax away” to find the secret message.

Gorgo was the only daughter of King Cleomenes I of Sparta (520-490). | take a second wife) which he did. In the 1962 film The 300 Spartans,[13] Queen Gorgo was portrayed by Greek actress and future politician Anna Synodinou. In this version, she is more politicaly involved and has a prominent role in the events preceding and during the war with Persia. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. N.S. Persian King Xerxes led a Army of well over 100,000 (Persian king Xerxes before war has about 170,000 army) men to Greece and was confronted by 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, and 400 Thebans. He wants her to have sex with him, which she unwillingly does, as he claims how slow and painful it will be. Paul Cartledge has narrowed th… Parents Guide, A//Filmer/Serier Jeg Skal Se Med Pappa/Cia, Spartan customs are harsh. Email This BlogThis! As a Spartan girl of nobility, Gorgo would have been brought up at court trained in singing, dancing, literature, and, especially, physical education. Scene from the film 300 where Queen Gorgo tries to convince Theron to send the army of Sparta to fight the Persians.

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me. [15] In the 2006 motion picture adaptation of the comic, 300, English actress Lena Headey plays Gorgo. As the coins stamped with Persian markings spill onto the ground, the Council realizes Theron…

His second wife gave birth to the future Cleomenes I who was thus his eldest son; however, his first wife also became pregnant, and eventually had three sons, including Leonidas I, Gorgo's future husband. Gorgo warned her father against a foreign diplomat, Aristagoras of Miletus, who was trying to persuade Cleomenes to support an Ionian revolt against the Persians. [10] The second event that Gorgo aided Sparta was when the Spartans were sent a tablet by Demaratus, who was at the time in Susa, that was hiding a secret message. The Greek city of Sparta houses its finest warriors, and 300 of these soldiers are chosen to meet the Persians at Thermopylae, engaging the soldiers in a narrow canyon where they cannot take full advantage of their numbers. Persians under the rule of King Xerxes have already taken over some of the Hellenic city-states, and now threaten Sparta and Athens. In particular, considering the implied sodomy and the disgusted, pained look on Gorgo's face, it toes a line I'm loathe to go near, the difference between paying someone with one's body and being …

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The Spartan defeat was not the one expected, as a local shepherd, named Ephialtes, defected to the Persians and informed Xerxes that the separate path through Thermopylae, which the Persians could use to outflank the Greeks, was not as heavily guarded as they thought. Don't Believe Your Eyes, Some Of The Most Regrettable Tattoos Ever. Using courage and the great battle skill of his men, he defends Thermopylae until a treacherous Greek citizen tells King Xerxes a secret goat passage leading to the back of Leonidas's army. All four were sons of Anaxandridas II, one of the dual kings of Sparta of the Agiad house.[a]. https://300.fandom.com/wiki/Gorgo?oldid=4901. Synopsis [16] Headey reprised her role in the 2014 sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire. [9] Two events in Herodotus show Gorgo give council to her father Cleomenes I and the Spartans. (Plutarch's Lives: Lycurgus)[12]. The Spartans inspect each infant born to ensure it is whole - if it is deformed, the baby is abandoned to die.

480 BC) was a Queen of Sparta. ', she said: 'Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men.'" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When words failed, he offered a large bribe. 300 - Queen Gorgo With traitor Theron Sex Scene - Full HD Posted by Unknown at 9:44 PM. Blog Archive Plot Keywords While she does not hold the Athenians in high regard, she does have a degree of respect for Themistocles, even if their relationship is mostly formal. Even the King endures this rite of passage. No sooner was Theron revealed as a traitor and his body strung up as a symbol of all things wicked, Sparta released its furies upon the Persians, leading all that remained of Greece.

Most historians favor Herodotus because he is the earliest source. Scene from the film 300 where Queen Gorgo tries to convince Theron to send the army of Sparta to fight the Persians. Gorgo was also the mother of King Pleistarchus, her only son with co-King Leonidas I.

Sparta had a pair of hereditary kings.

At age 7, each young boy is torn from his mother and makes his own way in the wilderness, to return a man. Marking his treachery, the Council united against Persia.

King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

Queen Gorgo of Greece tells her men about the Battle of Marathon, in which King Darius I of Persia was killed by General Themistocles of Athens. Sparta had a pair of hereditary kings. In the strategic video game Civilization VI, Gorgo is one of the two leaders of Greece, alongside Pericles. [4], Arguably, Gorgo's most significant role occurred prior to the Persian invasion of 480 BC. In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Gorgo was the only daughter of King Cleomenes I of Sparta (520-490). She has been featured by NPR and National Geographic for her ancient history expertise.

She was the wife of King Leonidas I, Cleomenes' half-brother, who fought and died in the Battle of Thermopylae. In the novel Sacred Games, by Gary Corby,[14] Gorgo appears as a major character. She was the daughter and the only known child of Cleomenes I, King of Sparta (r. 520–490 BC) during the 6th and 5th centuries BC.

Unlike Athenian women, who were considered lesser than males and relegated to their homes, Spartan women were free to pursue an education, own land, initiate divorce, and go where they pleased (within reason). Gorgo was the only daughter of King Cleomenes I of Sparta (520-490). The implied rape of the oracle was briefly showcased (complete with gross leper-tongue-licking akshun) but, the scene between Gorgo and Theron was less 'consentual' and more 'coerced'. Romanian subtitles. Another version has this as, "...some foreign lady, as it would seem, told her that the women of Lacedaemon were the only women in the world who could rule men; 'With good reason,' she said, 'for we are the only women who bring forth men.'" Afterwards, during a council meeting, he speaks up to Gorgo and …

The 300 are accompanied by about 700 Thespians who protect the flanks of the passage, and combined, the forces manage to slay tens of thousands of Persians and prevent their entry into Hellas for several days. Sparta may have given rights to women that were rare among the Hellenes, but being heir didn't mean Gorgo could be Cleomenes' successor. Notes She had at least one son by Leonidas I, Pleistarchus, co-King of Sparta from 480 BC to his death in 458 BC. "The Spartans", presumably the ephors, Gerousia or the kings, did not know what to do with the seemingly blank wax-tablet, until Queen Gorgo advised them to clear the wax off the tablet. There are sections where she is present at court or in council and gives advice to the king or the elders.

The battle is a suicide mission, meant to buy time for the rest of the Greek forces to prepare for the invasion. Instead of supporting her as promised, Theron betrays her, accusing her of adultery. When Theron disgraces her in front of the Council, Gorgo kills him out of rage, revealing within his robe a bag of Xerxes' gold.

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