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Eastern Catholics are divided into numerous jurisdictions throughout the city. White's prose. The city's two Major League Baseball teams are the New York Mets, who play at Citi Field in Queens,[517] and the New York Yankees, who play at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. [603] The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in partnership with Queens College, conducts the New York Community Air Survey to measure pollutants at about 150 locations.[604]. [550] JFK and Newark Liberty were the busiest and fourth busiest U.S. gateways for international air passengers, respectively, in 2012; as of 2011[update], JFK was the busiest airport for international passengers in North America.[551]. Only the third largest American port at the time of the American Revolution, New York gradually achieved trade domination and by the mid-1800s handled more than half of the country’s oceangoing travelers and commercial trade. The Church of God in Christ is one of the largest predominantly-black Pentecostal denominations in the area. Chocolate is New York City's leading specialty-food export, with up to $234 million worth of exports each year. [260][261] More than twice as many people live in New York City as compared to Los Angeles, the second-most populous U.S. city,[259] and within a smaller area.

[528] Historically, the city is known for the New York Cosmos, the highly successful former professional soccer team which was the American home of Pelé. [496] Many of the world's most lucrative art auctions are held in New York City. [66] To attract settlers, the Dutch instituted the patroon system in 1628, whereby wealthy Dutchmen (patroons, or patrons) who brought 50 colonists to New Netherland would be awarded swaths of land, along with local political autonomy and rights to participate in the lucrative fur trade. [341] As of 2017, New York City was home to the highest number of billionaires of any city in the world at 103,[342] including former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [435] HHC was created in 1969 by the New York State Legislature as a public benefit corporation (Chapter 1016 of the Laws 1969). Indians are the largest South Asian group, comprising 2.4% of the city's population, with Bangladeshis and Pakistanis at 0.7% and 0.5%, respectively. During his tenure, the population of New Netherland grew from 2,000 to 8,000. The Lions have been in convention. [598], According to the 2016 World Health Organization Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database,[602] the annual average concentration in New York City's air of particulate matter measuring 2.5 micrometers or less (PM2.5) was 7.0 micrograms per cubic meter, or 3.0 micrograms below the recommended limit of the WHO Air Quality Guidelines for the annual mean PM2.5. 450 Park Avenue was sold on July 2, 2007 for $510 million, about $1,589 per square foot ($17,104/m²), breaking the barely month-old record for an American office building of $1,476 per square foot ($15,887/m²) set in the June 2007 sale of 660 Madison Avenue. [50] A Spanish expedition, led by the Portuguese captain Estêvão Gomes sailing for Emperor Charles V, arrived in New York Harbor in January 1525 and charted the mouth of the Hudson River, which he named Río de San Antonio (Saint Anthony's River). Professor Emeritus, Bronx Community College, New York, New York.
The National Baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown, New York. Average winter snowfall between 1981 and 2010 has been 25.8 inches (66 cm); this varies considerably between years.

Perceptive, funny, and nostalgic, the author's stroll around Manhattan—with the reader arm-in-arm—remains the quintessential love letter to the city, written by one of America's foremost literary figures.
New York is home to the highest number of billionaires of any city in the world. [229] ParkScore ranks urban park systems by a formula that analyzes median park size, park acres as percent of city area, the percent of city residents within a half-mile of a park, spending of park services per resident, and the number of playgrounds per 10,000 residents. However, New York remains for its residents a conglomeration of local neighbourhoods that provide them with familiar cuisines, languages, and experiences. "—John Updike, In the summer of 1948, E.B. [108] Eleven black men were lynched over five days, and the riots forced hundreds of blacks to flee the city for Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Manhattan (New York County) is the geographically smallest and most densely populated borough, is home to Central Park and most of the city's skyscrapers, and is sometimes locally known as The City. Times Square is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District,[37] one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections,[38][39] and a major center of the world's entertainment industry.

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The combined systems converge at Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station and contain more than 250 stations and 20 rail lines. "No matter how hard things were, New Yorkers never gave up." Central Asians, primarily Uzbek Americans, are a rapidly growing segment of the city's non-Hispanic white population, enumerating over 30,000, and including more than half of all Central Asian immigrants to the United States,[300] most settling in Queens or Brooklyn. Downtown Brooklyn is the largest central core neighborhood in the Outer Boroughs. Its urban area extends into adjoining parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Congregation Emanu-El of New York in Manhattan is the largest Reform synagogue in the world.

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