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The actor's own struggles with depression, and her internalized fear of developing her grandmother's mental illness, also played a significant factor in her writing. "So she's sort of pitching me this idea, and then I had another idea that had something to do with, like, a horse girl, and we realized these two ideas actually were kind of the same idea, so we just kind of married them together and just started working on it right away. Find out what critics are saying about over 40 of the most notable films... Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. On one hand, it's fine that it doesn't provide easy answers for the questions it poses, but even dedicated cinephiles may find Horse Girl abstruse and challenging to a fault. "I've always been fascinated by it, and I actually had some pretty vivid dreams that involve aliens and, not to get super weird, but I feel like I've seen some UFOs. "I started to realize this is much more about my fear of having mental illness in my bloodline. The movie is definitely on the low tier of movies I have seen and I wouldn't recommend it, but who knows maybe I'm missing the genius behind the film and it's fantastic for others. The scene with Brie's friend Heather was great and I wish that would have been further shown. But when a series of strangely surreal dreams upend the simplicity of her waking life, Sarah struggles to distinguish her visions from reality.

As someone would has suffered from acute bouts of paranoia schitzophrenia, and had grandparents who suffered from Dementia, I watched this film in awe at its accurate portrayal of mental health issues. Brie’s performance is open and honest and disturbing and funny and lovely and resonant. Given the film's supernatural elements, it can't possibly be based on a true story... or can it?

Sarah (Alison Brie), a socially isolated arts and crafts store employee, finds herself more content in the company of horses and supernatural crime shows than people. Horse Girl is the culmination of several different ideas, and yes, a significant portion of the film's storyline was derived from Brie's real life. The work is so good and so convincing that even when Sarah is spouting the craziest of her mad theories, there’s a small part of us that wonders if Sarah’s truth is the real truth. Brie’s delicate performance nearly rescues both Sarah and “Horse Girl” from falling into the awkward traps it sets for itself, hedging on the tough stuff in favor of weirdness for its own sake, faux-arty style over anything that could offer the slightest interest in healing, for either its star or her story. Everyone should watch movies like this to understand what it might be like for someone experience a psychotic episode.

[Laughs.] We sort through what really happened in the end and what is mental illness and what is aliens. ", In addition to Brie's family history of mental illness, there were two other major factors that provided the inspiration for the film. Right before I wrote [Horse Girl], I went through my deepest bout of depression in my life. The final scene leaves one to decide if this really was an alien abduction or mental. If you date a “horse girl,” or just know one, and have no idea about what it’s like, then you might want to know a few things, 1. Horse Girl had us wondering what's real and what's imaginary, and the ending doesn't help. However, it's only recently that 'horse girl energy' as a term has made its way into popular vernacular and now, like 'big dick energy' before it, it is an incredible meme. The ambition of Horse Girl ultimately gets the better of it, turning what could be a dark but insightful depiction on signs missed in a mental health crisis into an agreement on one’s madness – a game of what’s real, and what’s not, that feels unsettling to play. To be completely honest this movie could be amazing if it would have stuck to a few of the subplots within it. Alison Brie has never been better on film, and for the first half Horse Girl knows how to blend confussion and mystery well together, before losing it in the climax with poor directorial decissions. Whether you buy the ending or not is something between you and your own personal suspension-of-disbelief deity, but you can’t say that the star doesn’t commit to selling the character’s arc 100 percent. I’ve read enough stories now about people being abducted, and the through lines are amazing.

One was director and co-writer Jeff Baena's desire to make a movie about a "horse girl." "I've always been interested in alien abduction for years," Baena told Syfy. A bleak honest but beautiful look at mental illness. And will I have the awareness to know when it’s happening? This post contains spoilers for Horse Girl. A girl who wears t-shirts with horses on them and tapered denim pants, has really long hair in which they braid and fasten with a scrunchie in the back of their head, will "gallop" on the track during gym class, is only friends with other girls who like horses and will look down on you because you are not a horse. And that came from a love of science-fiction and an interest in extraterrestrials on the part of both of the film's writers. The movie is about a socially-awkward woman named Sarah who begins having strange visions and experiences that confuse her reality. ... It’s real science.

In my own personal struggles with depression, I know the feeling of being helpless, feeling powerless, feeling alone.

Poor character development - really just one main character (the girl). Netflix's upcoming psychological drama is here to completely subvert the ‘Horse Girl’ explained, the meaning behind Alison Brie’s trippy Netflix film. Horse girls have existed since the birth of mankind after all. I came into this movie with the hope that it would keep me interested but it's story and cringe inducing moments make me want to look away. "[Brie's] grandmother had paranoid schizophrenia, and a lot of the stuff that she's talking about the movie was actually taken from her real life," Baena said at the Sundance Film Festival, reports Syfy. So when outrageous things start happening in her own life, Sarah can't be sure if she's really experiencing the supernatural — like run-ins with space aliens — or if she's heading down the path to mental instability that her grandmother did. Because Sarah has nobody in her life to properly care for her, she manufactures a false connection with her grandmother.

Check box if your review contains spoilers. Allison Brie deserves an Oscar right now. Horse Girl is, at its core, a very realistic movie. Alison Brie's new film 'Horse Girl' on Netflix is a dizzying tale of mental illness and alien abduction. In the new Netflix movie Horse Girl, Alison Brie — best known for her roles as Annie on Community and Ruth on GLOW — turns in the most challenging role of her career. They think damn is an awful word. Horse Girl is one movie that I don't know who its intended for. The transgressiveness of Baena and Brie’s strange and sorrowful Horse Girl, is in how it turns the simplistic, inauthentic tweeness of the generic, quirky indie comedy in on itself to produce a rare and piercingly compassionate exploration of the sorts of madness that come from intense loneliness, and the intense loneliness that comes from being regarded as mad.

Horse Girl is the culmination of several different ideas, and yes, a significant portion of the film's storyline was derived from Brie's real life. The movie has moments that make me want to live in them, the Baker's Dozen scene is extremely entertaining with the banter that goes back and forth with the characters. Several diverse ideas came together to create Horse Girl, which probably explains why it is so unique. I know which one I believe it was - won't spoil it here. How scary they must feel. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

If there’s one thing horse people are sensitive about, it’s that not all riding is the same. The specter of her grandmother's mental illness hangs over Sarah, as she worries that the same issues will someday plague her. "In the making of this movie I did a lot more interviews with my mom, asking more questions for Sarah’s personal backstory more than anything ... And I started to think about the more personal aspect of the story: 'Where does my fascination come from, having not known [my grandmother]," Brie told Vulture. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Horse Girl is one movie that I don't know who its intended for. If you just watched Horse Girl on Netflix and are a bit confused, we’re not surprised. by Chillin Staff | Posted on February 7, 2020 February 7, 2020. 2020 Sundance Film Festival: Best and Worst Films.

John Reynolds did a fantastic job as Darren and to be honest I wish we saw more of him than we did.

Just a bad all around movie.

She's also haunted by the memory of her late grandmother, a woman who suffered from severe psychosis but whom Sarah never actually knew. The acting however done by Allison Brie, Debby Ryan,and John Reynolds is fantastic.

If you saw Netflix's latest movie addition Horse Girl and thought that it would be about something along the lines of that girl from your high school who had a long braid and talked constantly about competitive horse jumping, then you were in good company. Know what kind of rider she is. Enter Horse Girl with an open mind and enjoy the ride. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time.

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