hunters episode 1 explained

}); Throughout the episode, we've seen shots of some blonde-haired children playing in a field with a kickball—these are revealed to be The Colonel's children. },false) Al Pacino leads a team of vigilantes determined to find and eliminate Nazis in 1970s America in Amazon's 'Hunters.' Meyer stabs "The Wolf" in the back of the head, killing him, but recites no prayer, something Jonah immediately notes.

He still did all the things he did, and as much as he's been a literal Wolf in sheep's clothing, he is who he is. Despite being in the house when the intruder pulled a gun and shot his grandma, Jonah is unable to save her and this becomes a turning point in Jonah's life. He also goes on to explain that he is glad that he didn't kill her along with her family because now "it's more delicious". What a TWIST!!!!!! Mindy moves away/retires to be with her family, and Joe quits the team. Throughout the season, we heard about a search for Meyer Offerman's white whale, a Nazi doctor called "The Wolf." The police may believe that his grandma's death was a result of a robbery gone wrong, but he doesn't believe it. In a clearing, Richter had constructed a chessboard with prisoners set to take the place of chess pieces on the board and Marcus was forced to take the white side while Richter commanded the black. }); "For years in tournaments he was trounced by the chess-playing jew," says Meyer and adds that this player was a prisoner. It also goes to show that while the Nazis may have been stopped momentarily, they're nowhere near finished. } "The Colonel," or, "Eva," is revealed to be Eva Braun. So when we hear the woman pointing at Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) and accuse him of being a murderer, specifically of murdering her family and it all goes to hell in a handbasket. Jonah is troubled, though, when Meyer eventually kills this man he believes was The Wolf—his grandmother's note says that Meyer has been waiting his whole life to say the Mourner's Kaddish for The Wolf. What is anything? document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ He shoots Meyer/Wolf before finishing him off with his Grandmother's blade that he found in the very first episode. Watch 'Hunters' Episode 2 on Amazon Prime Video from February 21. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words . There's, of course, a lot to talk about in the episode. Have a question or a suggestion not covered in the F.A.Q.? document.querySelector("#adunit").addEventListener('click',function(){ He puts things together, and comes to the terrible realization: "Meyer" is really The Wolf, and has been ever since the end of the war. View the full list of popular shows on The TV Calendar and add them to your favourites filter, Note: "The" isn't treated as part of a show name; e.g. See which shows are starting and returning this October, See which shows are starting and returning this month, View the full list of networks shows status as they stand at present. Honestly, I'm not sure I've opened my jaw yet following the last 40 or so minutes of the season. !FUCK!That is the best TWIST in story-telling I have EVER SEEN!Masterful!!!!! If Meyer didn't really want Jonah to be tangled with 'Hunters' he shouldn't have given him hints and pieces of information to pique his interest, but he did. A central theme of Hunters is whether you need to fight evil with evil, and much of Meyer's philosophy is explained with this twist. "The Simpsons" is found under "S", All current and ended shows are viewable on these pages. reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. While "Meyer"'s words ring a bit hollow with the realization of his true identity, the coming-of-age factor remains; Jonah has grown into the person ready to lead this vigilante group. After he meets Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) -- who introduces himself as the man who was in the camps together with his grandma -- the circumstances surrounding his grandma's death irks Jonah enough for him to investigate on his own. Evan is an associate editor for Men’s Health, with bylines in The New York Times, MTV News, Brooklyn Magazine, and VICE.

WTF, man. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, How DNA Info Could Catch Escaped 'Unsolved' Killer, Murda Beatz Shares How He Splurges Responsibly. As the story goes, Wilhelm "The Wolf" Zuchs was enamored with Ruth (Jonah's grandmother), but she rejected him; he noticed that she instead was drawn to Meyer, and thus Meyer became the object of his jealousy and sadism. In nearly every episode, we see flashbacks to The Wolf endlessly torturing Meyer at Auschwitz. I was really enjoying the back half of #Hunters and appreciating how it had improved and then that 11th hour twist in the finale makes ZERO SENSE. eventAction: 'click_adunit' 'Hunters' the latest Amazon original begins with a white man making an inappropriate comment at a lady guest at his brunch party. });

ga('ads.send', { Meaning her Adolf, obviously, is Adolf Hitler. Luckily enough, Meyer, who had earlier offered to support him in any way possible ends up getting him out of prison after paying the bond for bail.

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