is chicago the second biggest city

In 1829, the Illinois legislature appointed commissioners to locate a canal and lay out the surrounding town. [257] The boulevards and the parks were authorized by the Illinois legislature in 1869.

Prominent food companies based in Chicago include the world headquarters of Conagra, Ferrara Candy Company, Kraft Heinz, McDonald's, Mondelez International, Quaker Oats, and US Foods. Chicago has also entered into eSports with the creation of the Chicago Huntsmen, a professional Call of Duty team that participates within the CDL. [251] The Fire have won one league title and four U.S. Open Cups, since their founding in 1997. [125], Chicago gave its name to the Chicago School and was home to the Prairie School, two movements in architecture. Indianapolis is the third largest city in the Midwest with a population of about 865,000. Two major daily newspapers are published in Chicago: the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, with the Tribune having the larger circulation. As of the 2010 census,[168] there were 2,695,598 people with 1,045,560 households living in Chicago. [240] T. S. Eliot's first professionally published poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", was first published by Poetry.

A flourishing independent rock music culture brought forth Chicago indie. The Chicago Tribune, which coined the term, includes the city of Chicago, the rest of Cook County, and eight nearby Illinois counties: Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Grundy, Will and Kankakee, and three counties in Indiana: Lake, Porter and LaPorte. Downtown is the center of Chicago's financial, cultural, governmental and commercial institutions and the site of Grant Park and many of the city's skyscrapers. [174], According to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey data estimates for 2008–2012, the median income for a household in the city was $47,408, and the median income for a family was $54,188. [189] In 2009 Chicago placed ninth on the UBS list of the world's richest cities. [15] Moreover, the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, which helped move goods from the Great Lakes south on the Mississippi River, and of the railroads in the 19th century made the city a major transportation center in the United States. The city was also strengthening itself as the midwest's financial, banking, and business service center, and the modernization of the south-side steel plants would, by 1954, turn the region into the world's foremost manufacturer of iron and steel. [95] Lori Lightfoot, the city's first African American woman mayor and its first openly LGBTQ Mayor, was elected to succeed Emanuel as mayor in 2019.

[284][285], In 2012, Chicago ranked 21st in the United States in numbers of homicides per person, and in the first half of 2013 there was a significant drop per-person, in all categories of violent crime, including homicide (down 26%).

[124] Presently, the four tallest buildings in the city are Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower, also a building with its own zip code), Trump International Hotel and Tower, the Aon Center (previously the Standard Oil Building), and the John Hancock Center. It is also the third largest city in the country with a population of about 2.72 million. A popular modification is the Combo—an Italian beef sandwich with the addition of an Italian sausage. In 1893, Chicago hosted the World's Columbian Exposition on former marshland at the present location of Jackson Park. News & Politics

As new additions to the city were platted, city ordinance required them to be laid out with eight streets to the mile in one direction and sixteen in the other direction (about one street per 200 meters in one direction and one street per 100 meters in the other direction).

The Sun-Times launched impressive (albeit futile) crusades against municipal corruption, but the space it devoted to other news was "below the intellectual subsistence level.". A pair of Mies van der Rohe apartment blocks in the new International Style rose along Lake Shore Drive in the early 50s, but the city of the big shoulders would have to wait until the middle of the decade for its next skyscraper. [270] This was higher than in New York City and Los Angeles, the two largest cities in the United States, which have lower murder rates and lower total homicides. [159], In the 1920s and 1930s, the great majority of African Americans moving to Chicago settled in a so‑called "Black Belt" on the city's South Side. Amtrak long distance and commuter rail services originate from Union Station. By mid-century the railways had already begun their long decline, the steel industry desperately needed retooling, and the meat packers were shifting their operations westward. . [191] The city is the seat of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Bank's Seventh District. [136] There are many sunny but cold days in winter. [259] The Chicago Park Boulevard System Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.[260][261]. By the time of the official census count in 1990, it was overtaken by Los Angeles as the United States' second largest city. [299] According to data compiled in 2014, Chicago's "choice system", where students who test or apply and may attend one of a number of public high schools (there are about 130), sorts students of different achievement levels into different schools (high performing, middle performing, and low performing schools). [331], Electricity for most of northern Illinois is provided by Commonwealth Edison, also known as ComEd. Although he did not discuss what the atom bomb--which had its genesis under the Stagg Field football stands--might portend for the city, he did feel that the university's innovative policy of admitting high schoolers had turned the campus into "the greatest magnet for neurotic juveniles since the Children's Crusade. The organization, formed in 1924, was called the Society for Human Rights.

Two of the country's premier academic medical centers reside in Chicago, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Chicago Medical Center. [226], The Chicago-style hot dog, typically an all-beef hot dog, is loaded with an array of toppings that often includes pickle relish, yellow mustard, pickled sport peppers, tomato wedges, dill pickle spear and topped off with celery salt on a poppy seed bun.

The city served as the venue for the medical dramas ER and Chicago Hope, as well as the fantasy drama series Early Edition and the 2005–2009 drama Prison Break. "New York, Philadelphia, and other northern cities: phonology". With its population at 3.6 million, the city was still the country's second largest.

. .

[140][143] Most of the city's rainfall is brought by thunderstorms, averaging 38 a year.

With an estimated population of 2,693,976 in 2019, it is also the most populous city in the Midwestern United States. "For a city where, I am credibly informed, you couldn't throw an egg in 1925 without braining a great poet, Chicago is hard up for writers," he wrote, and although Nelson Algren "had stuck by his West Side Poles," the rest of "the stark Chicago realists" had emigrated to the east coast, Hollywood, or Europe, leaving behind a literary vacuum. Liebling, once a low-salaried reporter and a charter member of the Newspaper Guild, considered most newspaper publishers to be advocates of the rich and powerful, enemies of both the working class and the truth. ", (Liebling, incidentally, did not leave the University of Chicago untouched in Chicago: The Second City.

The Illinois Constitution prohibits governments from doing anything that could cause retirement benefits for government workers to be "diminished or impaired." Joseph Duffy, writing in Commonweal in 1954, was struck equally by "the hubristic thrust of the Loop" and "the countless miserable acres of ugliness behind," and Halper discovered "an impenetrable jungle" in those same "gray guts of this Midwest colossus.

with a poor man's last two dollars on its nose," and by 1950 it was suffering from advanced stages of economic arteriosclerosis.

[35][36][37], On August 12, 1833, the Town of Chicago was organized with a population of about 200. [137][138][139] Spring and autumn are mild, short seasons, typically with low humidity. Chicago is served by O'Hare International Airport, the world's busiest airport measured by airline operations,[328] on the far Northwest Side, and Midway International Airport on the Southwest Side. The Willis Tower has an observation deck open to tourists year round with high up views overlooking Chicago and Lake Michigan. By 1935 the Workers Alliance of America begun organizing the poor, workers, the unemployed. . Nor did the other arts offer Liebling any compensatory sustenance.

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