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[4], In July 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act, which, among other things, created an independent United States Air Force. Other baseball greats who played at Kelly Field include Daytona Beach's own Ed Charles along with Hall-of-Famers such as Satchel Paige, Larry Doby, and Roy Campanella. By 1967, the pace of the United States build-up intensified. Kelly workers overhauled, repaired, and modified aircraft, engines, and related equipment. The first B-58 arrived at Kelly on 15 March 1960 to be used for training maintenance personnel for the new overhaul workload. General Scriven described San Antonio as “the most important strategic position of the South,” in response to the unrest resulting from the Mexican Revolution. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Consequently, in March 1943, Kelly and Duncan were reunited under the name of Kelly Field. Designed in 1945, the B-47 was powered by six General Electric J47 turbojet engines and featured swept-back wings and tail surfaces.

Primarily used as a trainer, this first engine was also used as a prototype repair engine to determine the adequacy of planning documents, technical data, tools and equipment. A contract was signed in July 1917, comprising all of what was Kelly Field #2. [4], On 1 July 1965, Kelly opened as an aerial port of embarkation to provide though-plane cargo service to Southeast Asia. Carrying 61,000 pounds of vital cargo, it flew to West Germany via Kindley Air Force Base, Bermuda and Lajes Field, Azores and returned a week later carrying another 62,000 pounds. Its four J79 engines produced over 41,000 pounds of thrust that could push the sleek bomber at more than 1,300 mph. Nestled into the heart of sunny Daytona Beach Florida, Municipal Stadium is your sports and entertainment destination. Between January 1939 and March 1943, over 6,800 men graduated from Kelly's Advanced Flying School and approximately 1,700 additional pilots graduated from various other courses in the Instructor's School. Modifications to the B-52s performed at Kelly increased the load capability of each plane and increased the aircraft's range. He was instrumental with getting MTV to showcase Spring Break in Daytona Beach in 1986-1993, though later lamented it was a mistake because locals experienced many problems during Spring Break every year. [4], Jet engines had become extremely important to the Air Force by 1955. The engine is divided into five modules. Congress funded the new field's construction but not the purchase of the land, so the city of San Antonio borrowed the $546,000 needed to purchase the site selected for what became Randolph Field. Two additional tracts of land, planned to be Kelly Field #3 and #4 were released in the fall of 1917 at the suggestion of British and French aviators who were of the opinion that being so close together, would result in accidents and collisions. With air terminal modernization and the increased use of C-141 aircraft, Military Airlift Command (MAC) aircrews seldom experienced any delays at Kelly's aerial port. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'oursportscentral_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',153,'0','0'])); The Tortugas and their Tortugas Care Foundation are committed to bringing baseball back to the site -- which today is an empty and silent patch of grass in Daytona Beach's Midtown neighborhood -- while raising awareness of its illustrious history and importance to the social fabric of baseball in America. The Daytona Tortugas are bringing baseball back to midtown Daytona Beach. In 2001, pursuant to BRAC action, the former Kelly AFB runway and land west of the runway became "Kelly Field" and control of this reduced size installation was transferred to the adjacent Lackland Air Force Base, part of Joint Base San Antonio. What used to be Kelly Field is currently an empty lot located near the intersection of George Engram Boulevard and Keech Street, but the team plans to build it back into a community ballfield.
[4], Kelly also sent maintenance teams to Southeast Asia. Supporter levels begin at just $2/month. Prior to the shutdown it was still a vital part of San Antonio, including but not limited to providing host to Air Force One's backup airplane in 1998. San Antonio Air Logistics Center Office of History, Kelly AFB, Texas. Pampa Air Force Auxiliary Field #2), Post Headquarters, Kelly Field, September 1917-March 1920, Air Service Mechanics School, March 1920-January 1921, 96th Bombardment Group, 12 January 1920 – 26 June 1922, 39th School (later Observation) Squadron, 1 August 1927 – 1 September 1936, Air Corps Advanced Flying School, 1 July 1931 – 22 August 1941, Air Corps Replacement Training Center, 22 August-1 November 1941, Air Corps Reception Station, 1 November 1941, Air Force Electronic Warfare Center, 8 August 1953-, USAF Cryptographical Depot, 1 January 1964 – 1 February 1980, USAF Communications Security Center, 1 July 1972 – 1 February 1980, USAF Cryptographical Support Center, 1 February 1980-, 433d Tactical Airlift Wing, 1 November 1960, 921st Troop Carrier Group, 17 January 1963, 922d Troop Carrier Group, 17 January 1963, USAF Commissary Service, 1 January 1976 – 30 September 2001, 149th Fighter-Interceptor Group, 1 August 1961 (Texas ANG), This page was last edited on 9 June 2020, at 09:41. In keeping with Kelly Field's history of providing access to the game of baseball, the Tortugas will create a ballfield on the grounds that is readily accessible to the surrounding community. [4], By 1951, the Convair Convair B-36 Peacemaker intercontinental bomber began arriving in ever-increasing numbers at Kelly. Hundreds of new planes, officers, and enlisted men made their way to Kelly. During Operation Just Cause, Kelly served as a transit point for more than 8,200 troops deploying to Panama and as a reception site for some 250 incoming wounded service members.

By 31 December 1965, SAAMA had sent 11 supply teams, totaling 89 personnel, on temporary duty to Southeast Asia to establish supply centers throughout the western Pacific, including South Vietnam.

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