molly of denali episode 20

Molly can't wait to catch her first fish (and to earn her own first fish tale), but when she gets to the river, the only thing she catches is Tooey's missing boot. Molly and Tooey are determined to help her. @#$%^&*()_-+=., characters. After a quick trip to Nenana, they gather all their supplies and are ready to start crafting. Molly is entrusted with her Grandpa Nat's secret nivagi recipe for the annual Qyah Ice Cream Competition. And even better, Atsaq agrees to Molly and Tooey's plan to have the sled dogs sleep inside - if they can behave. There's just one problem: Molly, Tooey, and Trini don't know how to canoe! Molly runs a contest to design an original flag for the Denali Trading Post. But their bag rips on the way back and they lose their beads. Then, Molly and Mom join Randall and his family in Sitka for their traditional canoe trip to Celebration in Juneau. | PBS Kids Sprout Then Molly, Tooey and Trini find their clubhouse is sinking. Molly and Trini want to make beaded sun catchers for their friends for Valentine's Day. Directed by Uwe Rafael Braun. Can Molly figure out how to get Mom to see them? Please follow the link from the email to continue. Molly retells the story of the summer Trini moved to Qyah from Texas, and how she and Tooey attempted to make Trini feel at home - with cowboy hats, lassos, and 'yee-haws.' Then, Molly and her Dad are shocked when Travis, a tourist, announces that the goal of his expedition is to find a living woolly mammoth. A giant maze made of snow. Molly and Trini want to make beaded sun catchers for their friends for Valentine's Day. Allowed latin and ! Can they find a replacement before the ceremony that afternoon? What could it be and how did it get there? When an approaching storm forces Molly, Grandpa Nat, and Mom to make an impromptu landing on the Aleutian island of Atka, Molly makes a new friend who teachers her about Unangax dances and together they learn how to perform a traditional Seal Dance. Then Molly is learning to play the fiddle from Oscar, but discovers a passion for the drum. Valentine's Day Disaster/Porcupine Slippers, Froggy of Denali/Molly Mabray and the Mystery Stones. Grandpa Nat knows a great spot, but the trio's trek runs into trouble when his hard-to-read directions seem to point them every way but the berries. Season 1, Episode 20 | Aired on. The duo deduces the visitor must be a spy when they examine the stranger's clothing and hear a conversation between an unfamiliar voice and Auntie Midge in a language that sounds like "secret code.". Then, the Qyah Canoers are ready for their competition. Inspired by real-life athletes Sharon and Shirley Firth, the first Gwich'in female Olympians, Molly trains hard to participate in a cross-country ski race where Sharon will be speaking. Then, Molly is thrilled when her cousin Randall calls from Sitka to say he's harvesting herring eggs-her favorite food! Will she and her troop be able to find three nocturnal animals before it's time to turn in? S1, Ep11 12 Aug. 2019 Molly and her family head to their secret-berry-picking-spot, but their trip is cut short by a swarm of mosquitos! Before the race, Grandpa Nat teaches Molly traditional Koyukon words for different types of snow. All is well until Trini gets lost in the maze and Molly realizes the maze map is out of date. When a family of beavers builds a dam and accidentally diverts water into Trini's garden, the kids must devise a way to redirect the stream before Trini's strawberries are ruined. Then, it's ice fishing season. automatically converted into the image Molly and Tooey find a frog, and Molly decides to keep it as a pet - until she realizes that frogs are more high maintenance than she thought. Will this be a Valentine's Day Disaster?. But when the fish wheel goes missing, Molly and Tooey have a bigger problem to solve. But dense cloud cover makes it nearly impossible for Mom to find them from the air. Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English. Auntie Midge teaches Molly and Tooey how to tap trees so they can make more birch syrup.

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