mongoose vs mongodb

There has to be a fixed schema. I am going to start a new project in which I will use schemaless database and when I was doing freecodecamp, I used Mongoose because I was new to this world. If you digg in the internet you will find stats also; something like this if you do a single db operation in each web request, and follow the conventional ways of mongodb (opening a db connection, finish your operation and close it) and you have millions of concurrent requests, your app will die.

But eventually, you’re going to hit a significant issue that’s not to do with Mongoose but MongoDB.

I really hope that you liked my efforts. Clock-In/Out System Part 6: Basic Front End — Angular, #100DaysOfCode Day 40: A Breather to React.js — The Basics, Separation of concerns, especially regarding schema and CRUD requests, One less package in my project means a smaller package size, There are better tools for object validation, The learning curve for MongoDB is not huge. Well, in terms of performace, the low level things are always better; no doubt. This means my other services can quickly validate the request to the server before sending information to the CRUD service for updating or creating documents in the database. I am always open for accepting tiniest mistakes so let me know those too. CRUD operations using mongodb native is really faster than mongoose. Certainly not.

There has to be a fixed schema.ODM or Object Document Mapping is the core concept of mongo itself; and same goes with mongodb native driver. Anyway, if you’ve never given the native driver a go, you should — I promise you’ll like it. 218 评论 - You can check out all of Mongooses dependencies at the following link: If you have not used Joi before go check it out, it will seriously blow your mind with the ease of setup. MongooseMongodb native Object mappingORMODM SchemaMandatoryNot necessary Performance / processing timeNot badExcellent Development timeFastAverage Default promiseNoNo MaintainabilityEasyLittle hard Learning curveLittle highLow CommunityGoodGood. But I think MongoDB’s tools and frameworks, combined with a few other things like Joi, gives a fantastic lightweight result without touching Mongoose. The beautiful thing about tech is you can say weird phrases and it just sounds intelligent…well maybe to non-tech people, anyway! Generating Random Colors in JS + Dark, Light colors, Typescript Basics: Interfaces, Literal Types, Unions and Intersection Types (Part 2). Logically speaking, you’re removing a massive layer of abstraction by using the native driver over Mongoose. So, is it a disadvantage to have a fixed Schema?

Honestly, why add something else to all that by learning Mongoose? CRUD operations using mongodb native is really faster than mongoose. Mongoose vs mongodb native driver – what to prefer? Thanks to the straightforward documentation, I picked up Mongoose and built a little app within a few hours. I took performance as a deciding factor. You don't need to take the overhead of creating a connection, closing it in proper time. So this optimized handling need to be coded by you if you are making a performant app using mongodb native; for what you have to spend a little extra development time (it's not that hard thing to do). This doesn't hamper the scalability feature of mongo; because if in future if your app grows and there is a need to add few more fields, you can modify the schema and work accordingly (which is certainly not a bis task). Suppose you have an online glossary shop. When using Compass, you write your queries in the same way you would using the native driver, so it makes even more sense to learn MongoDB. Lets see how mongoose and mongodb native stands against performance and development time. You have to learn about clusters, sharding, database management, and advance data aggregation.

I hear this argument a lot: Mongoose has a much shallower learning curve, especially for devs coming from relational databases. Looks like my effort for creating index wasted. mongoose是mongoDB的一个对象模型工具,是基于node-mongodb-native开发的mongoDB的nodejs驱动,可以在异步的环境下执行。同时它也是针对mongoDB操作的一个对象模型库,封装了mongoDB对文档的一些增删改查等常用 Abstruction layer of mongoose does all these for you. Try to relate the scenario of your project with them, I hope you will be able to find out which one is the best for you. So will you create a schema for every different kind of product; cause all of them have different property sets? Mongoose has a lot of helpful functionality, such as validation. Pretty same for both! If that would be the case, then mongoose would be same as “Single Parameter Query” in all 3 columns. Atlas has so many amazing tools, such as charts for visualising data, or Stitch for plugging your front end straight into the database and creating serverless functions. Mongoose is excellent for getting a project up quickly, and it’s great if you’re coming from an SQL background.

Most of my long term projects or applications transition to microservices and this is where Mongoose becomes an issue. Layered on top of this fantastic database of magic are the native drivers — they fit into the platform well and intuitively make sense, based on everything else you need to learn.

Installing Mongoose not only installs the MongoDB Native Driver but the following 42 dependencies at the time of writing this blog. Mongoose provides a straight-forward, schema-based solution to model your application data.

Looks like my effort for creating index wasted. in Javascript.

Now, schemas, methods, and statics are useless to me, so it’s a waste having Mongoose there. But you may face other overheads. When starting with MongoDB, I went with Mongoose and I encouraged others to do the same. ORM or Object Relational Mapping is based on the principal of having strict models or schemas. No. If you follow good coding structure, you abviously can make the app good. Till now I always prefered mongodb native.

But this never means mongodb native has a disadvantage on maintainability.

Easy to maintain code reduces your project cost very much. Thanks! This even gives a structure and more maitainability to your application code. If you’re using MongoDB and you want to get the most out of it, you’re going to need to learn the full ecosystem.

Creating records is also very common operation so let’s look into this too. This is one of the initial queries for a node-mongo developer; and probably one of the most important ones. 来自:, Mongoose官网:, 还在保持更新,具体可以看它的twitter:, 随笔 - Package size. 414 trackbacks - In ORM, which mongoose is using, you have to define your schema structure. There has to be a fixed schema. I created a collection of 1 million records with the structure, Here is results of running different benchmarks on different types of query under different scenarios, When I did not use index and search by strings then the results were pretty close and nothing is clear, Same goes when I used two parameter instead of one, Things got little interesting when I used indexes for searching where MongoDB is significantly faster. There is an interesting blog that’s done some benchmarking, but it’s a year old so take it with a pinch of salt. This time, I have inserted 100 records at one time and this should cover most bulk insert options. I usually end up creating a CRUD service, for performing CRUD operations only. Leave it then. Cause it has the same syntax as mongo client and will take zero effort to understand the concept. This is one of the initial queries for a node-mongo developer; and probably one of the most important ones.

It’s a sweeping statement, I know, but I’m here to tell you to throw away Mongoose and use the native driver. ORM or Object Relational Mapping is based on the principal of having strict models or schemas. 3. Got an issue on the server? Cause the proper way would be opening and closing a db connection and handle each request in optimized way. It’s like if you have two cars but one has the trunk loaded with steel bars. MongoDB is more than just a database. MongoDB’s self-managed platform makes maintaining and setting up a database on any cloud network a piece of cake. Stackoverflow Answers did not help that much as they told what I knew already. When building any servers, reducing your bundle size is essential.

Because one use Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and another Object Document Mapping (ODM); so chainging the driver later on in your project can immensly increase your work. But may be for any urgent deliverable project I will go with mongoose. You could argue you still need to build everything that exists in Mongoose, but this is not true. The first thing we need to do is include mongoose in But the only thing is, you yourself have to write good piece of code. Now MongoDB has something called MongoDB university, which is entirely free and does a great job of teaching all the basics and more.

Joi covers so many use cases and even allows you to create custom rules. I faced some difficulties using it’s documentation and learned one more layer over already given one thing. You cant just open and close it for each request. Because one use Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and another Object Document Mapping (ODM); so chainging the driver later on in your project can immensly increase your work. Mongoose or mongodb native driver, which one to use? But in you have done operations in mongo client in your early days with mongo, than choosing mongodb native would be great for you. Check out Joi below. I will insert the following documents in following benchmarks, Insert will only insert one record at one time. It includes built-in type casting, validation, query building, business logic hooks and more, out of the box. Since, the syntax is easy for both to be honest. Probably this is where you would like to go with a document mapping way and select mongodb native for that. All systems have bugs. However, for any long-term projects, I have migrated away from Mongoose back to the native driver, and here’s why: Before anyone accuses me of making sweeping statements, let’s break down my points in more detail. The reason is, if something is more performent, than I do not mind to put some extra effort to structure my code and optimize the behavior. Joi alone shouldn’t be a reason to drop Mongoose, although it does help with separation of concerns, and I have yet to find a circumstance where Joi has let me down. Certainly not. I’m not saying Mongoose is not worth learning or that using it is terrible practice. You can insert or update whatever and however you want.

In ORM, which mongoose is using, you have to define your schema structure.

Lets see how mongoose and mongodb native stands against performance and development time. Well, MongoDB doesn’t help with Mongoose and last time I checked Mongoose doesn’t offer round the clock support or guarantee SLA response times. As someone who used to set up their own MongoDB database using Docker and EC2, this is like dying and going to heaven. The source code for running the test is here: Source Code. When building microservices, I’m continually trying to make my Docker images for each service as small as possible. It's a free class.

I am leaving this article here without doing the UD of CRUD and I will also leave MongooseJS :| and use Native Driver as using them is not hard at all. Well, thankfully MongoDB has developer and business support — a fantastic team, there to help you fix any issues and find solutions to your challenges. But I am not sure whether it is worth it or not!

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