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[1] [12] Prior to founding Marshall Wace, Marshall worked for Mercury Asset Management, the fund management arm of S. G. Warburg & Co. 22 February 2008, Transcript: Any Questions? If Labour want help with patriotism, they should read Orwell. However, a number of its funds are UCITS-compliant vehicles. [8] The company is one of the world's biggest hedge fund managers. [28] The institute was launched in 2015, with a core aim "to improve the impact and effectiveness of private contributions to the public good". Marshall Wace LLP is a hedge fund based in London, founded by Paul Marshall and Ian Wace in 1997. Sir Paul Roderick Clucas Marshall (born 2 August 1959) is a British investor and philanthropist. He is manager of the award-winning Eureka (Euro) Fund Limited. Managers have the ability to shift from value to growth, from small to medium to large-capitalisation stocks, and switch from a net long position to a net short position. Paul Marshall. In August 2014, Marshall Wace made $36 million from going short on the collapse of the Portuguese bank Banco Espirito Santo. He is manager of the award-winning Eureka (Euro) Fund Limited. Brought to you by: iConnections, Northern Trust Front Office Solution, and DiligenceVault |. Marshall Wace's headquarters is in … All Rights Reserved. He is a member of the Hedge Fund Standards Board. 19, Economic & Industrial Publications, 1988, p. 89, The International Who's Who of Women 2002, third edition, ed. He is Founder and Chairman of the Education Policy Institute. [32], Marshall has written widely about education. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. How Churchill got the measure of Marx. [37], In April 2017, he told the Financial Times in an interview that he had no intention of retiring. Marshall Wace LLP is a hedge fund based in London, founded by Paul Marshall and Ian Wace in 1997. 159), Capital Allocators Monthly – September 2020, Luke Ellis and Mario Therrien – Best Practices in Alternatives (EP.158), Michael Schwimer - Moneyball as an Investment Strategy (EP.72), Dan Ariely – Investing in Irrationality (EP.93), Michael Mauboussin - Who's on the Other Side? Paul Marshall is CIO and Chairman of Marshall Wace LLP, a global hedge fund headquartered in London. [10] In 1997, Marshall and Wace launched Marshall Wace; they were managing $50 million; $25 million from George Soros and $25 million sourced via family and friends. He is the co-founder and chairman of Marshall Wace LLP, one of Europe's largest hedge fund groups. 10 February 2006, Lib Dem 'lurch to right' warning 21 September 2004, 'Voters will turn to us next' says poll strategist 22 September 2004. [26], He was appointed lead non-executive director at the Department of Education in 2013. He is a founding trustee of ARK, the children's charity, and chairman of ARK Schools. He is also a founding trustee of the charity Every Child a Chance. As CIO, he has overall responsibility for investment strategy and performance. We touch on his thoughts about quantitative and qualitative investing and on internal and external fund management. In April 2015, he co-founded the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship at LSE. Paul Marshall is CIO and chairman of Marshall Wace. Marshall serves as chairman and chief investment officer, and Wace as chief executive officer & chief risk officer. For over a decade he was also chairman of the EPI's previous incarnation, think tank CentreForum. Marshall Wace is a global alternative asset management company with a philosophy of entrepreneurship and a history of innovation. Marshall Wace LLP ist ein Hedgefonds in London, der 1997 von Paul Marshall und Ian Wace gegründet wurde. He is a founding member of the Hedge Fund Standards Board. [11] The firm manages more than $48 billion as of 2020[12] and operates from fund management offices in London, New York[13] and Hong Kong. Marshall Wace setzen auf eine Konsoldierung, auch wenn sie ihre Netto-Leerverkaufsposition seit dem 19.5. von 0,71 auf 0,67 Prozent der ausstehenden RWE-Papiere leicht reduziert haben. "[23], In an interview with the Financial Times in 2017, Marshall said: "Most people in Britain do not want to become part of a very large country called Europe. [29][30], Marshall was knighted in the 2016 Birthday Honours for services to education and philanthropy. Elizabeth Sleeman, Europa Publications, p. 364, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, [ Hedge fund managers Crispin Odey and Paul Marshall say Brexit would help London] Reuters, "£1 million boost for Lib Dem think tank" – The Times, 28 June 2005, "Sir Paul Marshall, co-founder Marshall Wace, backing Brexit", "Paul Roderick Clucas Marshall director information. [6], In July 2016, Marshall donated £3,250 to Michael Gove's Conservative leadership campaign. 54, Ken Donaldson Ltd, 1959, p. 441, Economic Review, vol. But we both felt that this philosophical grounding was in danger of being neglected in favour of no more than ‘a philosophy of good intentions, bobbing about unanchored in the muddled middle of British politics’"[16] The book attracted initial controversy when launched[17][18] but both it and the term 'Orange Bookers' to describe those sympathetic to its outlook continue to be frequently referenced to describe a strand of thought within the Liberal Democrats. And if that’s not quite enough, his son Winston is a band member of the popular folk rock band Mumford & Sons. In 2012, he edited a book on improving the education system called The Tail: how England's schools fail one child in five – and what can be done. Marshall Wace was founded in 1997 by Marshall and Ian Wace. He is a founding Trustee of Ark, the children’s charity, and Chairman of Ark Schools, the leading academy provider. [19], "K.K.R. Hanlin. Paul Marshall is a co-founder and Chairman of Marshall Wace Asst Management, which is Europe’s largest hedge fund overseeing $48 billion.

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