reg park and arnold

He truly earned the title of legend. I first met Reg when I was 17 years of age and he personally took time to encourage me, motivate me and even go through his posing routine. Lift the bar until it is resting across the front of the thighs. He was a great inspiration to all, including my dad and myself and I truly admire his physique and his history. Arnold inspired me and Reg inspired Arnold, it is that simple. Pushups You almost have to be a fan to even know the feeling of awe, gratitude and appreciation that comes from being able to write about your hero. Every sport has its great pioneers and bodybuilding is no exception. He woke me up every morning at 4:30 for breakfast so we could get to the gym by 5 for our first two-hour workout of the day.
I became obsessed with Reg Park; he was the image in front of me from the time I started training. Park’s legendary physique would grow from barbells, dumbbells and a simple chinning bar. 15 seconds rest

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The man is truly a legend of the sport and has been a major influence on many bodybuilders for decades now.

This was only the second time that Reg was beaten in a physique contest. Row – 5×8

Reg Park cites this exercise is only for advanced not beginners. And he was using the weights that I was using and I would even say he was a stronger squatter than I was. Like Hercules who battled on, so do I pray our Hercules wins his battle. 15 seconds rest He will always be looked upon as being a role model for bodybuilding generations to come in the sense that he contributed to bringing the sport to where it is today! As we know, this definitely is not the case. It could be that bodybuilding today might have been quite different had it not been for Reg Park. The picture I had of Reg was a side chest pose holding an oar next to a swimming pool. You have shown the stuff you are made of Reg; you are not a coward. And everyday it was the same breakfast. That's what I think of Reg Park. Of course, his career continued on into the 1960s and he was one of those bodybuilders who got better with age. I was just a lad at the time and had never seen anyone with such mass before and yet there was terrific balance and symmetry and with his Herculean posing routine I was left yelling and screaming for more. You can’t build your legs without the squat. Both of these assets have made him the husband and father he has been all these years to his wife Marion and to his son Jon Jon. Reg is one of the most remarkable individuals I have had the honor of calling my friend. Guys like me along with millions of others are continually inspired by his hard work ethic and overall physique. Reg Park has been a friend of mine for over 35 years. I remember the great stories that Marvin Eder told of him training with Reg.

And no matter where our careers took us, we always stayed in touch. Reg stood 6'1" and weighed over 250 pounds - standards which were enormous for the time. I've seen his movies and though Reeves was a classic in beauty and proportion, Reg was truly Herculean. Roy “Reg” Park, (7 June 1928 – 22 November 2007) was an English bodybuilder who is widely known as the man who inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to become a bodybuilder. He had a beautiful home in South Africa, big pool and all, and Arnold was impressed - wanted to be like him, to have what he had.

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