rookie blue season 7

Andy, Nick, Gail, and the new officer Juliet Ward go to a women's prison for a prisoner transfer. I mean Marlo doesn’t look pregnant at all and it’s been what…5/6 months since her and Sam were together?

I know that Tracey and Andy are close friends but I can’t understand why Andy would go there. The stakes are high for five young cops fresh out of the Academy and ready for their first day with one of the most elite units in the city.

Instead it’s a zig zag of ups, downs, twists and turns. Of course I want to see the season 7 and more if possible, Rookie Blue is a show that has that something that drew me to it, I can not really explain in words, but the main reason I watch RB is McSwarek of course, although I like everything else in it, too… they’re all just great … I can not wait for season 6 to start, even though I do not like this story with the baby, (With time past Marlo should be at least 5-6 months, but still flat as a board) …. Andy shouldn’t put up with this. Yet according to sam is 5-11 she been back on the job a couple of months.

However, there were plans for season seven already in place for the series that starred Missy Peregrym.

“I will not be showrunning past what I’ve done,” she explains, before adding that “if we were to get a Season 7 then Sherry White would show-run. Calendar wise this just doesn’t make sense. Absolutely no interest in watching. It’s Andy’s turn to open up and support the man she has loved for more than 5 years. Not saying this simply to pick at the writers. Inserting a third party and an unplanned pregnancy (by the way, whatever happened to the “safe sex” movement???)

If this kind of cheap, soap-opera drama is what the show runners are going for, I hope to god there isn’t another season.

I love Rookie Blue, I have watched every episode and I have every episode that I watch over and over again. Wish Andy got back with Nick or a new guy all together. They will overcome this pregnancy (as ridiculous as it is) and be together….I just hope WE as their fans can all get through the stupid soap opera episodes first….. i love rookie blue and watched every ep.

As for the new rookies, she revealed that it was planned that one of them would be killed on the first day on the job. Now you idiots brought her back which is bad enough now she is pregnant . Will Sam and Andy be able to survive this latest complication in their relationship? Getting the viewers ready for Sam to be a daddy! Here I go! Love the story line and love Andy and Sam! Please!!! Bridget is always up for talking TV and you can follow her on twitter at @BridgetOnTV. We were working on the theme this season that even if life isn’t a fairy tale it doesn’t mean we can’t have a happy ending,” she says. Life experience and stop with these veiled threats- the fans that do that areso pathetic IM NOT WATCHING IF blah blah blah- so DONT then! Dov (Gregory Smith) was going to be without Chris (Travis Milne–who was not going to be a part of Season 7).”. The Stryker Report: Behind the Scenes on Rookie Blue, Season 1 Trailer Season 2 On-Set Trailer Rookie Blue: The Complete Second Season: May 29, 2012 October 8, 2012 July 18, 2012 13 4: Season 2: Every Day is a First Shots Fired: Inside the Season Premiere Horsing Around Cops on Coffee Travis Talk Disorderly Conduct Split Screen Behind-the-Scenes Footage Rookie Blue: The Complete Third Season : … A question I have to throw out there.

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