russell's viper predators

This is because they have heat-sensitive organs which enable them to react to temperature changes acutely.

Sometimes, it may actively seek prey by following them. With ancient medical care and access to this antivenom, the acute or potentially deadly complications are drastically reduced. Its eyes are large, each surrounded by 10-15 circumorbital scales.

As mentioned several times, this is a very, very dangerous animal. In case of cool weather, they will change their behavior and become more energetic during the daytime. It is chiefly found on the Indian Subcontinent, parts of Asia and the Far East. Russell's vipers are nocturnal, terrestrial reptiles, meaning they are only active on land, and conduct the bulk of their hunting and preying at night.

This is usually a big problem due to how angry and dangerous these snakes can be. In another study by Meier and Theakston revealed that the lethality of venom of Russell viper varies with change in route of injection as their results predicts the LD 50 of 0.4 mg/kg through Intraparietal (I.P) route, 0.75 mg/kg/subcutaneous (S.C) route and 0.3 mg/kg through intravenous (I.V) route.. Besides acting as a neurotoxin, the venom is also cytotoxic and causes significant tissue destruction. Like all vipers, the Russell viper ambushes its prey. The russell’s viper feeds primarily rodents and compact mammals, particularly murid species, they also feed squirrels, shrews, land turtles, scorpions, birds, lizards or plants. The snake gives birth to newborns during summer. Not only is Russell’s viper one of the biggest snakes in India, it is also responsible for causing the majority of snakebites resulting in death. When Russell’s viper bites a human, there is usually immediate pain at the site of the bite. Most Russell’s vipers have three series of dark gray/brown spots that run the length of the body. Unlike other vipers, juvenile vipers do exhibit cannibalistic behavior.

Russell’s Viper will not hesitate to approach a human, and they are best to be avoided all together. The species has been named in after Patrick Russell (1726–1805), the Scottish herpetologist that initially clarified many of the Indian snakes. It is most common around agricultural land where there are plenty of rodents and birds.

The species is named for Patrick Russell, a Scottish herpetologist who first described many of India's snakes. Mating usually takes place when the vipers are in between 2-3 years. Most patients require several days of admission but despite treatment, tissue disfigurement at the site of the bite is common. The Russell’s viper is a terrestrial reptile, but occasionally will be found on trees. "Recently in our zoo, one of Russell's viper snake gave birth to 33 snakelets. The amount of venom produced by the russell’s viper is ample, with adult specimens ranging from 130 milligrams to 268 mg in a single bite. The species is recorded as”Least Concern” by IUCN, since it is highly elastic and widespread and abundant in human-modified habitats. In Bengali, this snake is called Chandroborha since it carries lenticular or more precisely lunar marks all over its body.

Sometimes the spots at middle fuse together to produce more of a zigzag design. All rights reserved.

Do not disregard advice from a professional veterinarian because of something you read here. The most distinctive feature of Russell’s viper is its head which is long, flat, and triangular; on either side of the snout are large prominent pits. Typically, a Russell’s viper is found in fields and low lands. It usually takes place once a year and usually during the dry months. The snake does not have the heat-sensitive pit organs to detect prey. This is hands down one of the most intimidating and dangerous snakes in the world. The heart rate and blood pressure will drop. Sometimes, in the early morning, it may be seen basking on a tree. Russell’s viper has two subspecies found in India, China, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan. The name Aseel or Asil or Asli are all the same chicken. Their venom can be illegally exchanged in portions of its scope, for various uses including research and medical usage.

As the toxin enters the bloodstream, the individual may start to develop blood in the urine.

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