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They 'd be making a horrible mistake, but they would not be violating a statute. Statutes provide that all children between the ages of 7 and 14 years living in such districts must attend school annually for at least eight consecutive weeks. Thompson proved a worthy successor to Whewell; the twenty years of his mastership were years of progress, and he himself took an active part in the abolition of tests and the reform of university studies and of the college statutes. By a statute of 1604 the offence was made a felony. After the Endeavours used by Sir Richard Blackmore, Mr. Collier, and others, to Correct and Reform the _Scandalous Disorders and Abuses of the Stage_ were found too unsuccessful; in the Year _1699_, several of the _Players_ were prosecuted in the Court of _Common-Pleas_, upon the Statute of _3 Jac. The great group of statutes that date from Edwards earlier years ends with the legislative enactments of 1285, the Second Statute of Westminster and the Statute of Winchester. In the very exceptional cases in which it was retained in the statute book, expulsion was considered to have fallen into desuetude, but it has been revived by the Aliens Act of 1905 (5 Edw. But, since by the Bill of Rights no dispensation by non obstante is allowed, general words contrary to the statute of Richard II. The statute of Henry VIII. To remedy this defect, a statute (called the Statute of Enrolments) was passed in the same year, which provided that every conveyance by bargain and sale of freehold lands should be enrolled in a court of record or with the custos rotulorum of the county within six months of its date. In many states the legislatures have taken action in the development of law by adopting statutory codes of procedure, and in some instances have even enacted codes embodying the substance of the common law fused with the statutes. The statutes of the club were also published in Paris. When these laws do interfere and cross each other, the order of preference is this:- ` The civil law submitteth to the canon law; both of these to the common law; and all three to the statute law. The only element of real strength that the statute acquired during the first twenty years of its history came from the Elkins Act of 1903, which stipulated that the published rate should be the legal rate, and declared any departure from the published rate to be a misdemeanour. The j udicial committee held that the rights of the parishioners are expressly defined in the statute of I Edw. A city of the first class is permitted to frame its own charter, but its general powers are prescribed by statute. In 1802 Napoleon contented himself by embodying Bossuet's declaration textually in a statute. all such of the statutes (leges) passed under the republic and early empire as had not become obsolete; (ii.) The statute prohibits businesses from selling alcohol to minors. STATUTE OF KILKENNY, the name given to a body of laws promulgated in 1366 with the object of strengthening the English authority in Ireland. This Codex constitutionum was formally promulgated and enacted as one great consolidating statute in 529, all imperial ordinances not included in it being repealed at one stroke. These were gradually retired, however, through the efforts of the mercantile classes, aided by the parliamentary statutes of 1751 and 1763, and by about 1763 the finances were again placed on a sound money basis. This preamble was repealed by the Statutes Law Revision (No. The statute, however, would not seem to have had much effect; for in spite of a proclamation of Queen Elizabeth in 1560 imposing a fine of £ 20 for each offence on butchers slaughtering animals during Lent, in 1563 Sir William Cecil, in Notes upon an Act for the Increase of the Navy, says that "in old times no flesh at all was eaten on fish days; even the king himself could not have license; which was occasion of eating so much fish as now is eaten in flesh upon fish days.".
Adopting the statutes of Soest in Westphalia as their code, Saxon merchants exclusively ruled the city. When an act of parliament is expressed to come into operation on a certain day, it is to be construed as coming into operation on the expiration of the previous day (Interpretation Act 1889, § 3 6; Statutes [Definition of Time] Act 1880). It was discovered, however, that no statute had ever been passed to carry this provision into effect, and the votes were rejected. Further, a number of statutes were passed with the object of putting every possible obstacle in the way of Catholics educating their children in their own creed, or of inheriting or buying land. To put down the Lollards, he called a meeting of the clergy, pressed on the statute de haeretico comburendo, and passed sentence of degradation upon William Sawtrey. The disability in the case of the lord chancellor of Ireland was removed by statute in 2867, with necessary limitations as to ecclesiastical patronage. irrecoverable at common law and also under the statute. These gentlemen were of great service in remodelling the original statutes first drawn up by Sir H. He had a principal share in compiling the statutes of the university, which passed the great seal on the 25th of September 1570, and in November following he was chosen vice-chancellor. The victory of the Radicals resulted in the establishment of a railway rate commission, based upon a constitutional amendment of 1890 and a statute of 1891, the passage of an alien land law in 1891, which was declared unconstitutional and amended in 1892, the adoption of the Australiaw ballot system for cities and towns of more than io,000 inhabitants (1892), the retirement of Roger Q. The preachers could get the statute passed, but the sense of the laity prevented the death penalty from being inflicted, except, as far as we know, in one or two instances.

His writings seem to have been chiefly liturgical: he gave the first set of statutes to the school of Nisibis, which was founded during his bishopric. To meet this situation, the Statute of Labourers 1351) enacted that no man should refuse to work at the same rate of wages as prevailed before the plague. Whitney, Government of the Colony of South Carolina (Baltimore, 1895), based too exclusively on the statutes; D. In his latter years he became unpopular from the extortions practised by his two instruments, Empson and Dudley, under the authority of antiquated statutes. Statute; 1. Tithes were generally recovered by a writ against the owner of the tithable property usually brought in the ecclesiastical courts (questions of title to tithes being reserved to the temporal courts), the jurisdiction of which in this respect was confirmed by the statutes Circumspecte agatis (13 Edw. the only legislation affecting the civil jurisdiction of the High Court of Admiralty till the time of Queen Victoria is to be found in an act of 1540, enabling the admiral or his lieutenant to decide on certain complaints of freighters against shipmasters for delay in sailing, and one of 1562, giving the lord high admiral of England, the lord warden of the Cinque Ports, their lieutenants and judges, co-ordinate power with other judges to enforce forfeitures under that act - a very curious and miscellaneous statute called "An Act for the Maintenance of the Navy.". It was usual to evidence the feoffment by writing in a charter or deed of feoffment; but writing was not essential until the Statute of Frauds; now, by the Real Property Act 1845, a conveyance of real property is void unless evidenced by deed, and thus feoffments have been rendered unnecessary and superfluous. There is a bare mention of the Statute of Laborers in Jack Cades ably drafted chapter of complaints. In 1215 this prohibition is renewed in the statutes of the university of Paris, as sanctioned by the papal legate.

And such bodies placed under the command of a sovereign or grand master, regulated by statutes, and enriched by ecclesiastical endowments would have been precisely what in after times such orders as the Garter in England, the Golden Fleece in Burgundy, the Annunziata in Savoy and the St Michael and Holy Ghost in France actually were.4 During the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as somewhat earlier and later, the general arrangements of a European army were always and everywhere pretty much the same.5 Under the sovereign the constable and the marshal g or marshals held the chief commands, their authority being partly joint and partly several. Wales and its marches were brought into legal union with the rest of England by the statutes of Wales (1534-1536); and after the Pilgrimage of Grace the Council of the North was set up to bring into subjection the extensive jurisdictions of the northern earls.
A large number of penal statutes were enacted in the following reigns, and the statute I Eliz. These ordinances must, however, be of a temporary nature, must not infringe the fundamental laws or statutes passed by the two chambers, or change the electoral system, and must be laid upon the table of the Duma at the first opportunity. In 1845 parochial boards were created for relief of the poor, their powers being afterwards extended to deal with the statutes concerning burial-grounds, the registration of births, deaths and marriages, vaccination, public health, public libraries and other matters. York have a living will statute.

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