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And, of ... Treasure Island: the sensationally popular boys' tale by Robert Louis Stevenson. The voices stopped at once, all but Dr. Livesey's; he went on as before speaking clear and kind and drawing briskly at his pipe between every word or two. Once I stepped out myself into the road, but he immediately called me back, and as I did not obey quick enough for his fancy, a most horrible change came over his tallowy face, and he ordered me in with an oath that made me jump. "Come nearer here. He was breathing very loud and hard, but his eyes were closed and his face a horrible colour. Last week, around 32,000 people downloaded books from my site - 8 people gave donations. Once out upon the road, Black Dog, in spite of his wound, showed a wonderful clean pair of heels and disappeared over the edge of the hill in half a minute. You can also support the site by buying a collection, such as the Children's Literature one, with 70 ebooks for only £4.00, Copyright © 2012-2020 Global Grey. The great sea-chest none of us had ever seen open.He was only once crossed, and that was towards the end, when my poor father was far gone in a decline that took him off. Mostly he would not speak when spoken to, only look up sudden and fierce and blow through his nose like a fog-horn; and we and the people who came about our house soon learned to let him be. "Come here, sonny," says he. "I ran to fetch it, but I was quite unsteadied by all that had fallen out, and I broke one glass and fouled the tap, and while I was still getting in my own way, I heard a loud fall in the parlour, and running in, beheld the captain lying full length upon the floor. "Black Dog as ever was, come for to see his old shipmate Billy, at the Admiral Benbow inn. But the great thing for boys is discipline, sonny—discipline. Treasure Island pdf is available online for download. When a seaman did put up at the Admiral Benbow (as now and then some did, making by the coast road for Bristol) he would look in at him through the curtained door before he entered the parlour; and he was always sure to be as silent as a mouse when any such was present. cried I. "in the high, old tottering voice that seemed to have been tuned and broken at the capstan bars. You and me'll just go back into the parlour, sonny, and get behind the door, and we'll give Bill a little surprise—bless his 'art, I say again. It stood on the low cliff overlooking the bay, and was a very old He was not sailorly, and yet he had a smack of the sea about him too.I asked him what was for his service, and he said he would take rum; but as I was going out of the room to fetch it, he sat down upon a table and motioned me to draw near. "Bill," said the stranger in a voice that I thought he had tried to make bold and big.The captain spun round on his heel and fronted us; all the brown had gone out of his face, and even his nose was blue; he had the look of a man who sees a ghost, or the evil one, or something worse, if anything can be; and upon my word, I felt sorry to see him all in a moment turn so old and sick. "Which way, sonny? I had always my eye open for seafaring men, with one leg or two, and I remember this one puzzled me. Treasure Islands: Dirty Money, Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole Your Cash Nicholas Shaxson Vintage Books (2012) Rating:★★★★☆ This is the ugliest chapter in global economic affairs since slavery -- and secretive offshore tax havens are at the heart of the trouble. For me, at least, there was no secret about the matter, for I was, in a way, a sharer in his alarms. He sank daily, and my mother and I had all the inn upon our hands, and were kept busy enough without paying much regard to our unpleasant guest.It was one January morning, very early—a pinching, frosty morning—the cove all grey with hoar-frost, the ripple lapping softly on the stones, the sun still low and only touching the hilltops and shining far to seaward. The Works Of Robert Louis Stevenson. The captain glared at him for a while, flapped his hand again, glared still harder, and at last broke out with a villainous, low oath, "Silence, there, between decks! Remembering having read the book as a young man, I was eager to reexperience the joy of this classic- treasure yarn. But it was no affair of mine, I thought; and besides, it was difficult to know what to do. At that time, Bones dies due to a stroke. Required fields are marked *. "I told him he was out walking. And altogether I paid pretty dear for my monthly fourpenny piece, in the shape of these abominable fancies.But though I was so terrified by the idea of the seafaring man with one leg, I was far less afraid of the captain himself than anybody else who knew him.

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