tygh runyan interview

When he's released from that position, my reading on it was that there was a degree of relief. And he is at peace with it, because he's serving his purpose in life. ….

It’s incredible how much of your concentration is used on the role, even unconsciously as you’re going about your weekend chores, laundry, groceries, looking at the script for the next week. How do you approach the torture scenes and having to be so ruthless and seemingly heartless? An dieser Stelle ist Inhalt von einer anderen Website (z. In the years leading up to filming, the creators and producers all put so much love and hard work into it, and it's clear they took great care to bring on a cast and crew that would follow suit. Oh wow this confirms things I saw without knowing! We start the second block, which is the next three episodes, at the beginning of July, so there's a little bit of overlap. That's rare in Versailles, isn't it? In this episode host Carolina Bonnetti interviews Alexander Vlahos, Evan Williams and Tygh Runyan. http://www.myfanbase.de/serien/versailles/interviews/?pid=25238, Read our interview with Tygh Runyan on all things VERSAILLES and Fabien Marshal:http://www.myfanbase.de/serien/versailles/interviews/?pid=24328, Alexander Vlahos discusses 10 thoughts on Philippe d’Orleans in VERSAILLES season 2 He goes through secret passages in his riding boots. I think the death of that girl really had a deep personal connection to him and it’s one of the arcs in the first season where it makes him go a little crazy. But actually a huge part of it is relaxation work and body and voice work.

Which people always love [laughs]. | 58:56, En Myself, George and Stuart were riding horses in a forest and it was just this incredible day. It's certainly risky. He is like the king's samurai.

So he’s quite confident that’s the last we’ve seen of her.

In that knife fight, I use some aikido evasion and blending techniques. He goes willingly into every situation knowing that he must sacrifice his life for the king’s safety and for the security of the country and the palace. We tend to work within a two-hour radius of the city, so we’ll go to famous forests like Fontainebleau and chateaus like Vaux-le-Vicomte, which is older than Versailles and inspired Louis XIV to build Versailles. The Vampire Diaries - Video: "Wolf" Extended Trailer. A big part of it also is done on the sound stage. Learn how your comment data is processed. They have Mondays available because it’s closed to the public so we go in. You can't help think about it. It's interesting how things were kept open about Fabien in season 1 without making him too vague. 'The Big Bang Theory', serie que se emite en CBS, es una creación de Chuck Lorre, también responsable de 'Dos hombres y medio'. I really enjoy that stuff but that doesn't take away from how difficult it is to be doing that at 3 in the morning, the ground is wet, so when you're coming in at gallop and you have to hop off the horse before the horse even stops, on slippery ground I had a really bad stumble, it gets a bit scary. You just drop in on Claudine and I occasionally, when Philippe is King and Louis goes to war. But from the beginning: We got to see there very much was a romantic future for Claudine and Fabien, in which they complemented each other as well as they did in their working relationship. He's admitting that he was wrong and he seems to be coming as a friend and ask – man to man - will you come back? The crimes committed toward innocent children at that time where horrible; they were just treated like animals, put into slavery and other things. But even if your character didn’t have as much screen time in the middle block, those were the grieving scenes, they had a great impact. I know, right? Yeah, it was a huge pleasure to work with her and with George and Stuart. I think he trusts and respects Bontemps [Stuart Bowman] a lot.

I don’t think they actually train them to do that exactly but he does.

Also, I fit in with the other hipsters in Silver Lake. The King doesn't need to apologize to anyone but he is.
To shoot in Paris for six months ain't too shabby either! I went almost every weekend! But he’s let his guard down in the arms of Béatrice, Madame de Clermont (Amira Casar). I like to use some of the Japanese circular movements and evasions rather than the fencing style. Tag: Tygh Runyan. Even when you’re trying to take a step back, you’re still in the world of 17th Century France and in the world of “Versailles,” our show. I’ve been meaning to ask; it has to be a part of their training. Born on 13th June, 1976 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, he is famous for Stargate Universe. It's been so long, the last play I did was probably “American Buffalo” and that would have been about 15 years ago. Back-story helps enormously, I pull an actor aside, go out for dinner, let's talk back-story. The king loses faith in him at different moments throughout the season. It just goes back to that deep honor Fabien feels being in the service of the king. The work in and of itself is actually a release. Tygh Runyan portrays Versailles' Fabien Marchal with a firm hand and unfathomable countenance.

See more ideas about Versailles tv series, Versailles, Tv series. "You’re gonna flirt with me, well fuck you, I’m gonna flirt with you, too!" If he doesn’t do his job well, the security of France is at stake and the life of the king, who he believes is in direct lineage with God, and that it’s the greatest honor in his life to be in service to him and performing these duties. It’s kind of like the lone samurai. Yeah, those dank dungeons that we film in, some of it’s not so bad but there are a couple locations that are really just smoke-filled, dank and musty. I don't know if the audience notices that, maybe that's something people hopefully enjoy that it does kind of shift.

I shouldn’t be laughing but …. We would debrief at the end of every day and ride to work and discuss the scenes and essentially just drew so much inspiration from one another. In his mind, he's serving a divine higher power, and a king who will unite all of France, and he has been born to do what he does. Para diferenciarnos de los tradicionales, está compuesto por conocidas personalidades de diferentes generaciones e ideas, pero con una cosa en común… experiencia, conocimiento y antecedentes en radio y televisión, creando contenido divertido, dinámico, informativo y veraz…. It did translate to the audience because people are googling you like crazy since episode #2.05 and our interview from last year has been among the most-read interviews on our page in recent weeks. I think they are friends. Well, you have instant rapport, you have a personal history, maybe it gets in the way a little bit because maybe you're not supposed to be friendly and you've been hanging out for two years, going for dinners and going out at night dancing but actually in this case it benefits us. I do listen to a lot of music in my dressing room and on set.

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