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Send us feedback. On retiring from the governor's office he declined the presidency of Antioch College, at Yellow Springs, Ohio, and various positions in the service of the Federal government, and resumed the practice of law, at once achieving great success. The states are organized very much like the federal government, each with its own governor, legislature, laws and judiciary.

Hannibal has a good public library (1889; the first in Missouri); other prominent buildings are the Federal building, the court house, a city hospital and the high school. - Letters of marque were issued to Confederate privateers as early as April 1861, and Federal commerce at once began to suffer. Forrest operated in 1862-1863, and was alternately occupied by Confederate and Federal forces during General Hood's Nashville campaign (November-December 1864). In particular, when disagreement seemed inevitable on the question of representation, he, with Roger Sherman, proposed what is known as the "Connecticut Compromise," by which the Federal legislature was made to consist of two houses, the upper having equal representation from each state, the lower being chosen on the basis of population. In the 1990s, the federal government offered a formal apology to Canadians of Japanese origin for the unfair treatment they received during the war. On the 13th of December a division stormed Fort McAllister, and communication was opened with the Federal fleet. The federal district, which has a municipal council instead of a legislature, has a system of municipal and higher courts peculiar to itself. CM 326308 The federal budget was narrowly approved by Congress. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Name that government! The Guidelines do not apply to less serious misdemeanors or infractions. The M`Leod case' in which the state of New York insisted on trying a British subject, with whose trial the Federal government had no power to interfere, while the British govern - ment had declared that it would consider conviction and execu - tion a casus belli; the exercise of the hateful right of search by British vessels on the coast of Africa; the Maine boundary, as to which the action of a state might at any time bring the Federal government into armed collision with Great Britain - all these at once met the new secretary, and he felt that he had no right to abandon his work for party reasons. It is also one of the two chief cities, or capitals, of the Federal district. 994(a) ”. Lana hacked into the federal system, changing her own profile. The Federal census office has been engaged in the compilation and publication of statistics of many sorts. The occasion was the report of Major-General Edwards on the defences of Australia, and Sir Henry addressed the other premiers on the desirability of a federal union for purposes of defence. This of course impaired the obligation of a contract, but under the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution of the United States the bondholders could not bring suit against the state in the Federal courts. When the constitutional convention met in Philadelphia in 1787 to frame a constitution for a stronger Federal government, the agriculturists of Rhode Island were afraid that the movement would result in an interference with their local privileges, and especially with their favourite device of issuing paper money, and the state refused to send delegates, and not until the Senate had passed a bill for severing commercial relations between the United States and Rhode Island, did the latter, in May 1790, ratify the Federal constitution, and then only by a majority of two votes. Examples of Federal in a sentence The United States is an inherently federal government with many separate yet unified states working together. The police service is both municipal and federal in character. Two people laughed aloud and someone growled about their federal tax dollars at work. 6° C i Capital of Federal District Capitals of States and Territories 0 Railways of Venezuela - the horse, ass, ox, sheep, goat, hog, dog, cat, &c. - are not indigenous. - Grant, now the foremost soldier in the Federal army, was on the 9th of March 1864 commissioned lieutenant-general and appointed general-in-chief.

CM 1555177 The Federal Republic of Germany was … Longstreet and Hill were thus opposed to five Federal divisions, while General McClellan was pushing his wagons forward to Malvern Hill, on which strong position the Army of the Potomac was concentrated at nightfall. The legislature of 1866 rejected the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution, and soon afterwards Florida was made a part of the Third Military District, according to the Reconstruction Act of 1867.

Decision after decision of individual instances has made it a settled practice for the Federal government to co-operate with or to supplement the state governments in the gathering of statistics that may furnish a basis for state or Federal legislation.

The state census of 1905 showed a total population of 2,210,050, and the Federal census of 1910, of 2,224,771.

The appropriation of 1806 for the construction of the road had brought into national politics the question of the authority of the Federal government to make " internal improvements.". A source of abundant discord was opened by the provision that each state should contribute its quota to the Federal revenues. Hundreds of varieties have been tested by the state and federal agricultural experiment stations. With the new federallaw in place, the state law has become inoperative. Governments that have multiple branches that work together yet manage their own internal affairs are considered federal. I get to clean up the crumbs on the Byrne business and you get to play chauffeur for the federal guy—take him up to meet your old football buddy. For many years one of the burning questions in the politics of ' The distinction between the Staatenbund and the Bundesstaat is discussed in the articles Confederation and Federal Government. Meanwhile the 8th Federal corps advanced also, but actuated probably by political motives it took the general direction of Cassel, and between the two German corps a wide gap opened, of which Vogel v. Recognizing that slavery was a state institution, with which the Federal government had no authority to interfere, he contended that slavery could only exist by a specific state enactment, that therefore slavery in the District of Columbia and in the Territories was unlawful and should be abolished, that the coastwise slave-trade in vessels flying the national flag, like the international slave-trade, should be rigidly suppressed, and that Congress had no power to pass any act which in any way could be construed as a recognition of slavery as a national institution. Marshal Service.

Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. The general assembly of the state met at Fayetteville in 1787, 1788 and 1789 (Newbern, Tarboro, Hillsboro and Fayetteville all being rivals at this time for the honour of becoming the permanent capital); and in 1789 the Federal constitution was here ratified for North Carolina. On retiring from Congress he began the practice of law at Fredericksburg, Virginia, was chosen a member of the Virginia House of Delegates in 1787, and in 1788 was a member of the state convention which ratified for Virginia the Federal constitution. General H. The James river, afterwards so much used for the Federal operations, was not yet clear, and it was here, in Hampton Roads, that the famous fight took place between the ironclads "Merrimac" (or "Virginia") and "Monitor" (March 8-9, 1862). The supreme tribunal has original and appellate jurisdiction, but its power to pass on the constitutionality of federal laws and executive acts seems to fall short of that of the United States Supreme Court. How to use federal in a sentence.

According to the theory expounded in the Federalist, the individual states did not, after the formation of the constitution, remain completely sovereign: they were left in possession of certain attributes of sovereignty, while others were lodged in the Federal government; while there existed many states, there was but one sovereign. He has command of the army and navy, and appoints federal ministers and judges. Prominent among its buildings are the federal building, the auditorium, the public library and the Masonic library, which contains one of the best collections of Masonic literature in the world. Five heavy accurate shots from the Federal's turret guns crushed the enemy in a few minutes.

The career of another promising cruiser, the "Nashville," was summarily ended by the Federal monitor "Montauk" (February 28, 1863). The public schools are supported by the income from a Federal grant of 2,000,000 acres of public land (given in lieu of the usual sixteenth and thirty-sixth sections) supplemented by state and local taxation. The federal government has no public debt, but each of the six states has contracted debts which aggregate £237,000,000, equal to about £58, 8s. It has jurisdiction in cases arising from the enforcement of the federal laws, except cases involving private interests, in admiralty cases, in cases where the republic is a party, in those between two or more states, or between a state and the citizens of another state, in those originating in treaties with foreign states, and in those affecting diplomatic and consular officials. The Federal government maintains three boarding schools for Indians in the state. In 1867 he became the first president of the chancery of the North German Confederation, and represented Bismarck on the federal tariff council (Zollbundesrath), a position of political as well as fiscal importance owing to the presence in the council of representatives of the southern states. The postal services and the telegraphs are administered by the federal government.

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