william jackson poet

In turn I will be transparently honest in my critiques of your work. How I wish I knew what you were thinking.How I wish you knew my thoughts!

Something about you, Something different about you I cannot even begin to remotely... more », Madness descends like a warm rain, A smothering gray thermal fog Enveloping everything,... more », 'On the day when a woman as she passes before you emits light as she walks, you are lost, you love. He was evidently an attractive young man, notable for his popular preaching style and his outspoken opposition politics. I love the way you have assumed the voice of the narcissist in such an involving, convincing way that draws the reader in. And we whispered, and we listened, and we tasted, and we touched as young lovers in spring's fragrant garden.Throughout sultry summer nights, on cool autumn ... i should be working.i have: essays to grade, lesson plans to write, and a basketball goal in pieces on the drivewaythat I should have assembleda week ago.i should be working! The nagging question I ask myself after attempting to write a poem is this: Is what I have written any good? There is not much to say about me really. Elegant, memorable and satisfying to read. William Jackson - William Jackson Biography - Poem Hunter. In the meantime, I will continue to write and encourage the few souls who come across my poems to write and post comments (negative or positive) regarding the quality of my work. And I laughed and wept in her arms, and I saw my face in her eyes whenever she looked into mine. Even so, much if not most of what I write is probably hackneyed. Probably you would be wise to take anything I have to say about your work with a bit of skepticism. (Is it even poetry?)

Always consider the possibility that my opinion may or may not be worth the electronic paper on which it its written. Undoubtedly I am often delusional and overly impressed with my efforts. William Henry Jackson: Mount of the Holy Cross (1873) . He bartered with the devil the very life he sought to keep.... more », White blossomsa war with no end in sightthe dead wrapped in flagslife drained out of life... more », In the twilight of BarcelonaI gaze into your eyes, my beloved, I smell the sweetness of your hair, I cradle your face in the palm of my right hand,... more », My father loved me the best he could.My mother loved me, as only a mother can.I tried to love myself but found no reason to care.Yet, in spite of all, hope remained.... more ». The discerning eye and ear are appreciated. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. If I comment at all, you will at least know that your work grabbed my attention, for I cannot bear to read most of what is posted. Does it matter? Much of what I have written probably is not good and is not even poetry, but I write anyway. Elegant, memorable and satisfying to read. The garden will return to dry fallow ground, and the brilliant scarlets and violets of the coral beansI so thoughtfully planted near the downspouts... more ». Is there a standard, and if so does it matter? That is what happens to English teachers. My Love never languished.She was a visual feast, another Helen, and we loved with an incandescent loveso that even the gods wept and wished to be mortal.Like children we shared our joys and sorrows, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day, for I loved her always. Poem Hunter all poems of by William Jackson poems. William Jackson Poems. I write poetry because it allows me (as at least one writer has said) to have a life within a life. I often wonder: What is the definition of poetry? ... And it turns out that one day, in 1879, the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was looking through an illustrated book of western scenery.

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