BioTAK® Adhesives

Nature creates its own adhesives, like pyrrolidine in spiderwebs and treeresin. Unfortunately these natural products do not have the properties for highly demanding applications like labelling or laminating.

All BioTAK® S-grades are waterborne adhesives, carefully formulated for specific applications.


Waterbased grades
General purpose permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, carefully formulated to include a high content of renewable materials. This permanent adhesive has an high initial tack and high final adhesion.
BioTAK S100 is certified to the European compostable packaging standard (EN13432) at Vinçotte.
(Vinçotte Certificate OK Compost)

BioTAK S100_FDA is formulated not only to confirm to EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards, but to comply to direct food regulations as well .

Removable pressure sensitive adhesive. Formulation is made in order to offer a good initial tack a medium final adhesion. Certification is pending.

Ultra removable pressure sensitive adhesive. Product is under development.

Product is under development

Laminating adhesive. Specifically formulated to laminate bioplastic films and papers for flexible packaging applications. Low viscosity enables excellent flow. Please contact us for more information